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Pet Name: Rilyko
Owner: warrior20012
Breed: Hissi

About Rilyko:
Well, hello there…
My name is Rilyko, and as you can probably see I am a white hissi… It would also be a correct to say that I am a thief.

Now before you jump out of your skin and try to run, let me stop you with these, perhaps, comforting words.
I have no intention of stealing from you or robbing you of your possessions… right now that is. Not to mention, it wouldn’t matter if you ran, because I’m quite fast and chances are I could catch up to you.
Actually, I am just here to spread my word across, and let people get to know me better. Ha ha, fancy that.

I live in the Lost Desert, in the city of Sakhmet. Let’s get one thing straight, I’m not just a petty thief, pick pocketing the unlucky citizens, I pull off big heists, and I do it SOLO.

As a young child I grew up parentless, on the streets in Sakhmet, yet not alone. I grew in a small clan of thieves, learning how to profit off of others and stealth-fully blend with the common folk. I became a natural quite quickly, but stayed with the clan for protection for a while longer. But as I grew, though the clan members were the closest thing I had to a family, I had not grown on them, and they had not grown on me. Apparently I had a bad disposition, and with just a little too confident. I don’t blame them for thinking and saying such things; they were all jealous, I was a prodigy and beat them all too easily at their own game before I took it up as my own. Eventually I left them, and have been living, and stealing, alone ever since.

But, really, as I grew up, I heard about the two infamous meerca thief brothers; Heermeedjet and Merouladen. These two served a great example for me, and really made me want to be a thief more than anything else.

They are still great thieves, but I plan on becoming so much more of one than both of them put together. Now I can’t really say too much about my heists, I wouldn’t want you going to the authorities and turning me in… I just know those kind of people are going to be reading this. However, I will tell you that I plan on pulling off something pretty big, and I figure I’ll be getting a fair amount of neopoints for this one.

Ah, while we’re on the subject, neopoints. They are perhaps my favorite thing in the entire world of Neopia. I can’t really tell you why they are my favorite thing; I don’t really spend them on anything… Perhaps I am greedy, but then again, what kind of thief isn’t…?

Although, I keep my true identity a secret, that doesn’t mean I never use it. In fact, I go out quite often around the city and talk with many, and quite often the people a steal from. It really helps to get to know people you’re going to steal from beforehand… It’s good not to try to steal from someone who could best you with concealed weapons or perhaps moves, you’d never expect them to have. Of course, I am talking about you; I have never been taken down and don’t really plan on it.

Well, I suppose I’ll go on and tell you about how I got to meet Zetah, you know her as warrior20012, and her other pets. Let’s see, where to begin…?

Quite some time ago, Zetah was walking in Sakhmet, and boy did she look like an easy target. Perhaps the easiest out there, so you know, I figured I’d steal from her. She looked like she had a little too many neopoints for her to carry anyway.
However, when I went for the strike, I successfully stole her neopoints, yet she chased after me.
Of course I was much, much quicker than she was, yet she was very persistent. She followed me for so long, I began to get tired. Hard to believe I get tired at all, isn’t it? After all of the time chasing me, she actually got me into a dead end. She blocked my only escape, not that it would’ve been difficult for me to get around her, but I decided to listen to what she had to say instead.

She wasn’t mad that I stole from her, actually, for whatever crazy reason she invited me to her neohome to meet her other pets. I decided to go along. The promise of a good meal was too good for me to pass up; it had been quite some time since I had eaten well.
Once at her home, I met her two other pets, Azihm and Lasenane.
Azihm is a darigan poogle, and quite the little pipsqueak. He wears a mask to keep his face hidden; he says his face is messed up or something. But it doesn’t matter much; he’d get made fun of either way. He’s really quiet and shy, he doesn’t bug me too much, but he’s still an easy target to scoff at.
Oh yes, and then there’s Lasenane, she is an island lupe and also a big pain in the backside, if you know what I mean. She nags and gets onto me, raving about saying I’m rude, self-centered and the rest of that nonsense. I don’t listen to her, I’m pretty sure no one does, I mean honestly, who would believe that gibberish?

Well, I think I’ve probably said a little too much… I should stop before I tell too much information for my own greater good.
Like said, I’m Rilyko, the hissi thief… and for listening (though who wouldn’t want to listen to such a fascinating story?), I’ll let you be on your way safely with your neopoints in hand this time… but if we meet again, don’t think you should be so lucky…

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