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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: lichoni044241
Owner: sarahjane994
Breed: Shoyru

About lichoni044241:
Lichoni sat at home on his bed, watching his planetarium that was projecting the stars on the ceiling of his room.
"How I wish I could go into space..." Lichoni whispered to himself, "I'd love to see the moon, the stars and visit Kreludor!" He imagined himself in a space trooper suit - he chuckled quietly at the thought.

A small, silent waft of a smell, that Lichoni was sure to recognise, gingerly swept its way into the room like a ghost. Immediately after the most wonderful smell in the world (according to Lichoni) caught up his nostrils, he felt his eyes open wide with excitement and intent and his mouth open automatically. He knew exactly what his sister, Bertha, was cooking!
"Chips!" he exclaimed. After that, he thought about whether the moon and the stars were large chips, and his mouth started to water. Interrupting his thinking, his sister shouted from the kitchen:
"Dinner Lichoni! Come and get it! It's on the table - getting cold!"
Lichoni got up off his bed and ran quickly into the kitchen where the table was laid and their meals were set down in their correct positions. On the plates of delicious food, chips, a scrambled egg and home-grown vegetables lay neatly with cutlery either side. He looked up at Bertha, whose petpet dragoyle, Jaime, was sitting on her shoulder, grinned at him.

A few minutes later, both brother and sister sat around the red and white checked dining table in the kitchen munching on their hot meal.
"I've been thinking..." started Lichoni, swallowing the food that was currently in his mouth, remembering his table manners, "...I really want to get a new hobby and I don't know what to do...I like the stars and stuff but I don't really want to be an astronomer, I want to be able to admire the stars - not study them."
"Maybe you could camp out in our back garden? Remember, Mummy gave you that tent and she showed you how to start a fire and everything?" said his sister, warmingly.
"That's a great idea, sis! Yes...I want my new hobby to be camping! As well as being able to look up at the stars, I can become a bit more independent! I'll camp out tomorrow night. Birdie can come with me, along with his Ladyblurg."
They heard Birdie the beekadoodle, Lichoni's petpet, fly into the kitchen and nod his head in approval. Turning her head back to her brother, Bertha asked whether he would like her to bring out a hot meal for him, and he nodded energetically. Then he said:
"Do we have any marshmallows?" They both grinned and then started to laugh.

The next evening, Lichoni set up his tent outside a few metres away from the house, praying it would not collapse during the night. Birdie, with his pet Ladyblurg riding on his back, flew around Lichoni excitedly as his owner gave him a marshmallow. Lichoni gladly received his hot dinner, which had been brought out to him by Bertha. Subsequent to this, he thanked her and when he'd finished eating, he brought it back to house. He got back to his campsite, and looked into the warm, cosy campfire and up at the stars while he devoured a half a packet of marshmallows on sticks. Later, Lichoni glanced at his watch, and realised that he had been looking up at the sea of stars in the night sky for an hour or so! Birdie and his Ladyblurg were already asleep inside the tent. Consequently, he crawled into his tent making sure he didn't wake them, zipped it up, clambered into his sleeping bag and went to sleep.

Next morning, Lichoni was woken by the dawn chorus at 8am. He rubbed his eyes and opened the tent wearily. He squinted at the campfire which had nearly burnt itself out and saw Birdie had found the now nearly empty packet of marshmallows. A few minutes later, he arrived back at the tent with several pieces of wood.
"I'll replant those trees later." he muttered, while he started to toast bread in the renewed flames of the campfire. Munching on his toast, Lichoni soon decided to should pack everything up and go inside to see his sister.

"How did it go then?" enquired Bertha when her brother had eventually entered the house, curious and excited.
"It went brilliant! I've found the perfect hobby!" Lichoni replied. He smiled, happily.

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