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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: x_Snowy_Pony_x
Owner: dance_of_eternity
Breed: Uni

About x_Snowy_Pony_x:
It's no doubt that Snowy is my pride and joy. She's the best little Uni in all of Neopia. She's been there for me throughout all of the hardships and triumphs. She's a sweet and beautiful pet that I am very proud to have.

As you can see, her coat is a snow-white color, but it didn't always used to be that way. In fact, she used to be blue. I'm here to tell you about one of our most special moments together: the day Snowy was painted.

Snowy and I had decided to take a vacation to the Lost Desert. She had always wanted to visit, despite her hate for warm weather. She loves to fly around, so she's used to a cool breeze. "I want to check out the shrine," she'd say to me whenever I asked her what she wanted to do. The trip used to be so far out of my budget, considering we'd have to have enough Neopoints to feed us and make sure we get there safe and sound, but I saved up enough to take her on a one-day trip to see the shrine of Coltzan.

After passing the chilly Haunted Woods, a burst of warmth filled the air. I noticed the dark surroundings becoming brighter and brighter, and also less busy. The sand began to cover the grass and moss. I knew we were approaching The Lost Desert, and so did Snowy. She was too tired to fly for the entire trip, but upon feeling the Lost Desert climate, she got excited and began to fly. "We're here! We're here!" she would shout from above while gliding around in circles. I smiled, knowing I had made Snowy the happiest pet in Neopia.

Before too long, we approached the outskirts of Sakhmet. Snowy landed, and we began to run quickly towards the city. We were cut short by a small sign pointing west. It read, 'Coltzan's Shrine: Across the River'. As soon as Snowy read that sign, she hurriedly galloped towards the river, through it, and to a tall pillar made of sand and rock. She slowed down once she made it close enough and took a deep breath. "King Coltzan, I have come to pay my respects!" She began to take a step towards the shrine, but before she could put a hoof down, a strong gust of cool air kept her from going any further. From the top of the shrine appeared the ghost of Coltzan.

"Snowy," he boomed from above, "thank you for visiting. You are an amazing young Uni. For your kindess to pets and to your owner, I will grant you something. Close your eyes, Snowy." Snowy obeyed, and the ghost began to glow a calm blue color. The gust became more powerful, so powerful that it almost swept me off of my feet, and then it stopped, as if nothing had happened. The ghost was gone, but his voice still called, as if from a distance. "You will become very lucky, Snowy. Be prepared for an amazing event."

The ghost of Coltzan had granted her luck? I didn't believe it would really work, but I was willing to give it a shot. I asked Snowy if she wanted to head to Sakhmet for a cold drink and a spin on the Fruit Machine, and she agreed. We headed into the city and got an ice cold water from a merchant's stall before heading to the Fruit Machine. It wasn't too big, but it was big enough for a pet to play. Snowy approached the machine and read aloud the sign attached, "Fruit Machine: One free play a day. Pull the lever to play." She studied the machine for a minute, took a sip of her water, and raised her hoof to the small lever. The machine made a few clicking sounds before displaying a spinning array of fruits on the screen. The first wheel stopped, and a Tchaea fruit was displayed. The second wheel stopped; another Tchaea fruit. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The third wheel stopped... the machine began to play a happy tune, for Snowy had matched up three Tchaea fruits! Snowy galloped around in circles happily as the tune played, and her prize came out of the machine in a box.

We opened the box slowly. A bag of Neopoints, ten thousand to be exact, and a battle muffin were immediately visible. We uncovered the last and best prize in the box: a brand-new white paint brush. Snowy couldn't believe it, and neither could I. Coltzan's gift of luck worked! We knew how we'd use this paint brush from the moment we saw it.

After arriving home safely, Snowy and I quickly headed to the Rainbow Fountain. I set Snowy down and began to paint her. The paint dried quickly, and before we knew it, Snowy was a beautiful white Uni!

This story will always be one of my favorites, just as Snowy will always be the most amazing pet that I've ever seen.

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