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Pet Name: Zephalla
Owner: dreamdivine
Breed: Zafara

About Zephalla:
I sighed and looked out the foggy window. It was raining outside and I, Zephalla the Royal Female Zafara, had to be stuck inside the house with my family. One thing I can’t stand is a rainy day. Don’t get me wrong, I do love my family, but being inside the house is like being inside a prison for I feel like I was away from society, away from the place where I could roam and be free. As the rain poured heavily, I cleaned up my room.

Then from under my bed I revealed a sketch book. It is the book that I draw in whenever I was in a bad mood to cheer me up. I sat on the bed and started sketching a thing or two. I loved drawing, for it was the way I could actually express myself. I liked writing, but it was hard for me to write my feelings out in words. My friends and family call me a great artist, but deep inside I know they really don’t like my drawings too much, and I understood why. I wasn’t that great at drawing but that didn’t keep me from being a true artist. The point was I liked drawing, not that I was great at it.

Suddenly a knock came from the window. Startled, I looked outside the window and saw my Faellie, Princess, outside wearily with a neomail in her arm. She was around three-fourths of the size of the neomail. Suddenly I opened the window and she fell into my arms and slept. I just let her sleep and put her back in her bed which was next to mine. I forgot all about her! Princess always flew to check my neomail for me. Sometimes I insist of getting it but she refuses like getting the neomail was her responsibility. She is the best friend I ever had. Princess understood my emotions, whether it was good or bad. Even though she speaks a different language I could understand her from the heart.

My eyes were gleaming as I opened the neomail and began to read it. I sighed and dropped it on the bed for it was some advertisement. One of my dreams is to receive some fan mail. It made me feel special as an individual and role model no matter how bad the writing is…the message told to one person to the other is always the same.

Feeling bored, I laid in my bed and reached out for a book from my shelf. I took out the book “ Zafara Quests.” You may be thinking a fair and royal princess like me should be reading some girly and peaceful books. Truth is…I HATE that kind of stuff. I love stories full of action and adventure. It makes me full of thrills and lifts my spirits. It makes me actually want to read rather than sleeping. Before, I was forced to learn all the girly princess-like stuff, but in reality the only thing I liked then was the gymnastics class. For it made, and still makes me, imagine about being a secret spy or a super hero. So I am very athletic.

After reading two chapters of the book, I placed it down back on the shelf and got up from my bed. The sky was finally clearing up and I decided to go outside. I dressed up in my gown and headed outside. I love going outside since the scenery is nice and the sky is wonderful! I saw all the neopets play together and decided to head down to the food shop. I love eating junk food, but I keep it to a minimum. In other words, I used to be in love with chocolate and sugar but now I found out other foods I love which are really healthy for me. I sat down in a table by myself with a Galaxy Energy Drink in my hand. That always made me full of energy.

After I was done, I headed to Terror Mountain to play in the snow. I loved Terror Mountain! I wasn’t too cold because of my fur. I started playing in the snow and tried to build a snowman. Some neopets tried to help me out as well. It was a great time going there to play in the snow and try my luck at the Snowager. Luckily I never got hit so far by its spikes but once I nearly did.

It started getting dark and I headed back home. I laid back in my bed and turned on the light reading another two chapters of “Zafara Quests” and snuggled up in my bed and slowly fell to sleep.

Well you see that basically went through who I am. I am no ordinary royal female zafara. I actually am different. I’m more of the energetic type. I love trying new things. I hate just staying inside like I’m a prisoner in a castle. I would like to be MORE than just that. I’d like to be someone neopians would look up to and not just because of my looks or title…but because of who I was.

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