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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Axallion
Owner: dragonstorm_75
Breed: Buzz

About Axallion:
I stared at the waters with worried eyes. They were soft and welcoming, but I was a red buzz, and we hated to get our wings wet. For a second, the light of the sun parted through the clouds like an arrow and struck the water, releasing a wonderful display of colors.

“You completed my quest! I knew you could do it!” The voice broke my thoughts and I saw my owner talking to the Fountain Faerie.

I turned my gaze to my two best friends, Neparu and Nightfang. Both were smiling at me, and I hesitantly smiled back, my wings fluttering slightly with uncertainty. Neparu, a darigan scorchio, grinned. “I remember the time I went to the Rainbow Fountain.” He was saying. “It was so much fun. I jumped in, and suddenly, all these colors swirled around me. Then the Fountain Faerie said a few magical words and I saw my red scales turning purple. It was almost euphoric! You are lucky that Dragonstorm_75 chose you to go into the pool, I heard she has the perfect color picked out for you!”

“Yes indeed!” Nightfang the Fire Gelert said with a smile. She was once a scorchio too, but everything changed when Dragonstorm_75 got access to the Secret Laboratory. “Don’t worry, I was there when Neparu was changed, and I can confirm everything.”

“But aren’t Scorchios afraid of water?” I asked, curious. I too was afraid, slightly, of water.

“Yes.” Neparu tittered. “But…”

He did not have time to say what he wanted to say. Dragonstorm_75 came up to me and told me to jump in and have a bit of fun while the Fountain Faerie prepared. I saw my owned whisper my intended color into the Faerie’s ear, and she beamed when she heard. This did not relax me at all. What if I became an ugly color? Or what if I became a zombie buzz? I didn’t like the idea of being undead. It actually chilled me a bit.

I felt Neparu leap up behind me and push me to the brink of the water with his ebony claws. I hesitated and pushed against him, hoping to stop before he pushed me right in, but the clouds were slippery, and I fell right in. Sapphire droplets, like diamonds, were lifted into the air to dance around me. I stared in wonder, forgetting that my wings were wet, and all my earlier fears.

Slowly, I lifted my hand, and brought it down on the wonderful fluid. Neparu said it was euphoric, but I had a different experience. To me, it felt as if every single color was magically poured into the pool and was trying to get to me first, but something stopped them. I thought I saw a chocolate color swirl somewhere, and nearby, a glowing green appeared and disappeared in the blink of an eye. It felt a little frightening, especially when I saw the grayish swirl of zombie color appear. But soon, my fears melted away as the water’s current began to push me towards the sparkling fountain that was cascading from a bunch of clouds high above.

Then I saw the waters begin to churn, in a kindly sort of way. I turned and saw the Fountain Faerie chanting, Neparu waving, Nightfang grinning and Dragonstorm_75 nodding with approval. Suddenly, I saw a color rising up from the waters. It was strange and blue, but I knew it was not that basic color. The color rose up and splashed over my head with a chuckle. I blinked, confused. It didn’t feel like water, it almost felt like velvet. Then I saw a swirl of color rise up my arm, and it began to morph and change. I was instantly frightened again, but when Neparu let out a whoop, I looked at him and saw him beaconing for me to come out.

It was over? I stared and decided to do as he said. Waddling, I realized that, for some reason, I felt more at home in the water than before. I even felt happy as I splashed a bit before coming to the bank of the Fountain. Then I saw my hand. With a cry of shock, I stared at no longer a good Buzz claw, but a claw like that of a crabby, and it was blue! I tried to fly, but then I noticed that my wings had disappeared, and my tail was like a leeble’s. I was Maraquan! The shock subsided, and I felt pats of congratulations on my hard shell.

Then the Fountain Faerie brought forth a mirror. I stepped up to it, still speechless, and saw myself. I had a new, smooth shell, no legs, claws, and a tail. I didn’t look like a buzz anymore, but I had to admit…it felt wonderful. As if I was in a body I always wanted.

Suddenly, Neparu whispered in my ear. “So, about that fear of water you have…”

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