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Pet Name: Weshli
Owner: taiph
Breed: Ogrin

About Weshli:
Hello! My name is Weshli, but you can call me Wes everyone does, and I'm an Ogrin. Thank you for looking at my Spotlight application. I hope that you find it to be of interest. Some of the things you might find out about me could include my favorite snacks, my dream petpet, or even a little bit about my family members. Just a little seek peek into the complex world of Wes; I love Origami Kadoaties, and I'm a vegetarian. My favorite meal is a Quiggle Foot Wrap, it's just delicious! I hope you enjoy reading all about me and my weird little quirks!

Being an Orgin I'm quite shy, but if you give me a chance I can be a great friend, just ask my best friend Waenn. I love being outside, experiencing everything there is to about nature. Very rarely would you see me inside a neohome, I'm always outside, whether I'm reading or playing a game. I might be a baby, but please don't treat me like one. I'm very smart for my age, and strong for my size.

I'm a fun loving Baby Ogrin, who loves to read and play games. I was born on 05.23.08 and painted the same day. Currently my petpet is Fred the Adominable Snowman, but that's only temporary. My favorite petpet is the Mazzew and I hope to have one some day. I have always had a thing for Mazzews, it's undeniable that I loves them. I hope one day have a Mazzew Plushie, they're just so huggable!

I love to read, book after book. And since I hope to have a Mazzew one day I'm reading some books about Mazzews.

Three of my most favorite foods are Meerca Cinnamon Buns, Chokato Topped Frozen Yogurt and of course Lenny Strawberry Ice Cream. Those are my favorite things to eat, yummy! Taiph is always telling me to eat healthier things, but I just can't stay away from the sweets. I love to eat vegetables, and fruit, being a vegetarian finding a meal could be difficult; but I manage. My family doesn't really understand my decision to be a vegetarian, but that's okay, they are entitled to their opinions.

My BFF (or best friend forever) is Waenn, the Baby Gnorbu. We've been best friends since the day I was born (which wasn't that long ago). Waenn and I do everything together, from making a mess with paint to playing hide and seek in the woods. We're the best of friends, forever and a day.

Taiph (my owner) and Rain (Waenn's owner) get along great too. As a matter of fact they're good friends, that's how I met Waenn. Taiph introduced me to him the day I was born. Rain helps Taiph out with everything, from Graphic tips to what games are the best to play. I really think that if Rain and Taiph weren't such good friends Waenn and I wouldn't even know each other.

My family consists of one brother, Entrian and one sister Imazing. Entrian is a Mutant Kougra that is very clever, but is unhappy with this family. He feels too different and therefore is looking for a new and loving home, I hope he finds a great family. Imazing on the other hand...well she's a bit of a handful. Being a competitor she loves to fight in the Battledome, and enjoys reading books in hopes to one day get a trophy although I think I'll beat her to it

I actually have many hobbies. Surprised? I love to collect sea shells, and stamps. I haven't quite started on my sea shell collection yet, but my stamp collection is well under way; one day I hope to have the best collection in the world! (laughs) I supposes that means I have a lot of work ahead of me. You don't think I'm up for it? I guess you'll just have to wait and see...Aren't I just full of surprises?(giggles) Stamps are a another division of collecting, I prefer shells. Why? Well they're all so different, in color, shape and size. They fascinate me. Oh..I guess stamps aren't that different from shells are they?.

Well thanks so much for taking the time to read my application. I hope you've learned all you wanted to about little 'ol me. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Bye for now!


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