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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Muty_411
Owner: kai_pawz
Breed: Lupe

About Muty_411:
Hello! Im Muty_411(Mew-tee_411), but you can call me Muty. I hope you like my picture, My favorite toy is my yellow chia plushie. After I play with it, my Mom, Padfoot always goes to Donny's and fixes it for me. I just cant help myself! I love to tear him up! More with this story about me.

I was born and raised on Padfoots acount Kai_pawz, all alone. Drako, my sychotic brother was at Padfoots friends account, Sally_zoe. He was hers at the time. Tamari the werelupe was on padfoots side account for a little while for a vacation. Scooter_944 the koi wasnt even created yet! I wasnt all that lonely, but i still missed my friends.

Lucky for me at christmas we all came together for joy and happiness(not to menchin some annoying christmas charols!) I always got great gifts, and this time I got one of my best friends-my spardel. Lucky came from a shop in Mystery Island. I always wanted a petpet, and I got him. I dont know why I named him lucky, because I should have been named Lucky! One neopet was missing from the Christmas Party though....Drako!

I went to his room to see if the yellow zafara was alright. When I opened the door-HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH! When I saw him, I knew he had just done the lab ray. He was strawberry! Drako always wanted to be darigan, and rule the world and stuff like that. Lucky that Sally_zoe let Padfoot keep him!(strawberry and all) This was a great christmas.

The next morning I got out of my royal oakwood bed and went down to the living room to have a cup of borovan. I saw Lucky on the couch snoring like a monster. I looked at him and smiled. I looked around at the christmas tree and remembered yesterday. Suddenly I felt strange, like there was something good about to happen. There was a present under the tree! I grabbed it and tore it open. It was a Transmorgifacation Potion.

The afternoon was great! I was finally painted! Even though I was mutant, I adored my looks. My family and friends did to. I even decided to enter the beauty contest! But in a couple days I came to realize some people were not found of mutants.

"EEEW! LOOK AT THAT MONSTER!" "Hurry up, we need to get out of here or the monster will attack us..." One person voted for me in that beauty contest. Sipping a cup of borovan, I decided to stay home, Feeling no one appreciated me. Finally I just went to bed, hoping I wouldnt wake up.

"MUTY! MUTY! THERES A NEOMAIL FROM THE NEOPETS TEAM! HURRY, LETS GO READ IT!" Drako was on my bed, looking exited. I got up and went to go look at the neomail. "Congadulations Padfoot! Your comic "Nonsense" has made it into the Neopian Times issue 250! You have been given a spiffy avatar, a shiny trophy for your cabinet, and a neopian times white wee-woo plushie. Weeeeewoooooo!" "We made it.....WE MADE IT!" I felt alot better now, that I was going to be known in a comic! Padfoot menchined one more thing. It turned out the plushie was worth 4 million neopoints. WE WERE RICH!

That day I went shopping. The first shop was the food shop. The chia looked at us. "We are all out of stock." Drako held up the big bag of neopoints and shaked them so that they made a rattling sound. "Eheh, eheh....what would you like?" Drako and I looked at each other and grinned.

We were sitting on our couch eating hot dogs and achyfi. I had my morning cup of borovan. "I have never felt better" *BUUUUUUURP!* ".... ok, NOW ive never felt better." Tamari (Who was back from vacation) and I laughed so hard we almost exploded.

When we went out to the boards, EVERYBODY wanted my signiture on there shirts that said "I love mutant usuls" with the usul crossed out and in bold letters L-U-P-E. I was popular, and getting adored by fan-girls. That night I settled in my bed. I said goodnight to my yellow chia plushie, at the moment he wasnt ripped.

I awoke, and had my usual cup of borovan. I went to go freshen up in the bathroom, and in the toilet was a catamara! I never saw that petpet in our house! The only way it could be in there is that we have another neopet in our house! I looked all over, and while I was running down the hall there was a strange blue door I never saw before. I opened it and there was a spotted koi. "Hi big brother!"

My life was all set. I had family, friends, my chia plushie, and happiness. SLURRRP! Ahh, borovan...:D

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