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Pet Name: _8_Skittles_8_
Owner: sheep_416
Breed: Pteri

About _8_Skittles_8_:
“You want a good story, huh? Listen to Skittles’ then!”
“Oh no, not again!”
“Hey, it makes a good read!”
“Can we skip my part out?”
“Hey guys, shush up! This is my spotlight interview” the Pteri in front of you claps his wings and shoes his siblings out of the room you are in. He was right – It was him you came to interview.

Umm…maybe you should rethink this whole visit though. Besides being mobbed at the door by a Uni, Lupe and a Wocky all apparently eager to welcome you, your interviewee seems somewhat of a…well, an oddity to put it bluntly. You glance at him; a navy beret sits jauntily a-top his head and purple and green scarf cosily wraps his neck. His brown plumage is clashed with a red breast and cheeks, but it is his tail which fascinates you. A small silver ring sits strategically placed below its leaf-shaped tip, although it isn’t leaf shaped as it should be. The end had been moulded to a pointed brown oval dipped red. It reminds you of…of…a paintbrush? You appear to have been staring at this for too long.

“So I’m a little weird? What Artist isn’t?” The Pteri interrupts, “Besides, you can’t blame me with the family I have. If it wasn’t for them I might be perfectly sane. Actually, if I wasn’t for them I may not be here. The again, I still may not have been here because of them...Hang on – I’m rambling. Here, this may help you understand.”
Skittles hands over a rolled up newspaper he had been holding closely.
“Read the front page Headline – Full Story’s on page 3.” He instructs. With slight confusion you unravel the Newspaper and read the bulletin as told;


You glance up from the article, to see Skittles nod in encouragement. You begin to read aloud;

“3 weeks after starting on its amazing journey, the Pteri Egg that’s captured the hearts of Neopians from all over has ended up stopping at non-other than the front door of a Neohome located in bustling Market Square.
Sources believe the Egg began its moving voyage after a relentless snow-storm knocked it from its precipitous perch atop the legendary ‘Terror Mountain’. After gravity pulled it down the massive 3000ft peek of the mountain face, the Egg miraculously survived rapids of Happy Valley’s ‘Glacier River’, having plunged into it at speeds of up to 40mph. Being deposited off at the top of a hill, the Egg continued its roll to fields and fame. The Neopian Times tracked the Pteri’s progress as it headed downhill, inevitably tumbling into town. Sweeping past well know landmarks such as the Wishing Well, Rainbow Fountain and Money Tree, the ever-exploratory Egg halted at 3:02am as it ultimately knocked into the front door of a residential home.”

You pause. Market square…Wasn’t that where this home was? Looking up once again you find Skittles baring a sly grin.
“This is you!” you cry in realisation, “This is all about you!”
The Neopet can’t help but let out an amused laugh. He walks closer to point out the issue number.

“Neopian Times – Issue 3” You narrate. Soon a smile forms on your lips. Everyone has this issue! It’s by far the most-read one around. And your oddity of and interviewee is on the front page! You allow yourself to laugh. “So what happened then?” you query.

“Well it’s 3:02am – who’s gonna be awake at that time?” Skittles explains, “I waited till morning (not like I had much choice!) and so did the News reporters.” He hands you a second newspaper.

“Neopian Times – Issue 4. EGG ROLL ENDED….NEW LIFE BEGAN.” The headline reads. You study the picture taking up most of the front cover. A cute blue Uni, uncomfortable looking Lupe, and smiling yellow Wocky stare from the page. The Uni is cradling a small round object covered in strange orange markings: A Pteri Egg. You read the text beneath; “AnyettaRosalita, TehamaTeho and Anza the Lupe graciously and gladly open their hearts and home to the orphaned Pteri Egg who had been rolling for 3 weeks non stop, after having it come to a halt at their front door in the early hours of the yesterday morning. Eager pets, Anyetta, Anza and Tehama, rushed to the door after realising the commotion in their yard and its reason. “We’ve never really felt quite like a full house – I’m sure now we’ve got the Egg our family will be complete!” chimed cheerful Uni, Anyetta. “I’m very pleased with the arrival of the Egg! I was starving when I woke up and a nice omelette sounds great right about now!”- Hold on!” You cry in outrage, “You sister actually said that!”
“Tehama’s like that.” Skittles shrugs, “See what I mean by ‘I was almost not here because of them’?” You nod in slight amusement. “It’s a shame they quoted her on that you know,” he continued, “They wouldn’t print the issue because of it. Anyetta was dead peeved – it was her “Big Break” in being famous.” He shrugged again, “That’s why I wanted to enter the spotlight – To let people know what happened to the little ‘Egg Roll’ as the dubbed me.”

“Well, you’re here now - I guess that’s a good sign. But what about the future? What is in store for the ‘Egg Roll’? And what’s with the tail?” you add quickly.

“The tail?” the Pteri rolls his eyes, “Let’s just say I picked up a crayon one day and was hooked. People didn’t take to me drawing on the walls, so I drew on myself instead. I’ve stuck to paper recently though.” He gives a distant stare, “As for the future? I see it this way – I spent 3 weeks of my life traveling all over Neopia and I was in an Egg.” He looks devastated.
You look blankly.
“Think of all the beautiful sights! The scenery, the cultures, the expressions on peoples faces! And I MISSED it all because I was - quite literally - stuck in a shell! Well, I’m gonna make up for it. One day I’ll travel around the whole of Neopia, just once more; although this time I’m getting it all on paper. All those sights, scenery, expressions – every one drawn with my wing and as seen through my eyes.” He smiles, “My family will support me every step of the way – I know that for sure. If it wasn’t for them I might be perfectly sane; but who wants that? They make me who I am – an oddity, an individual, an Artist.”

An individual you think got that right!

“So will you do it?” Skittles asks.
“Do what?”
“Tell everyone what happened to the little Egg Roll? And to prepare…’cause he’s coming back to see the world again!”

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