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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: m0ttled
Owner: firehazzard
Breed: Bori

About m0ttled:
Mystery Island is arguably the most beautiful place in all of Neopia and I would know, I live there. Lived there my whole life in fact, or at least the parts of my life I can remember.

I’m sorry, you’re probably starting to think that my story is going to be long and melodramatic but it’s really not. Excuse me if my opening lines gave that impression.

I believe I have always been a Bori. We are pleasant creatures, aren’t we? I started out green, I’m pretty sure of that. It was a green that was almost the same color as palm tree leaves. I lived alone for quite some time on an island with only about three trees and it was just big enough for me, a large supply of Tobbie Fruits and a Straw Bed. My island was far enough away from the Main Island that I could just barely see it. My memories start back there, on the island, when it was just me and the murmur of the waves at night.

Sometimes as I lived alone on the island a fisherman or boat of tourists would drift by. The fisherman sometimes would offer me a but of their catch and usually the tourists would stare at me. Seeing them made me sure that there was civilization close by and yet I chose to stay on my little island home.

I don’t know how I got on that island and I don’t think I’ll ever figure it out. I don’t mind not knowing actually.

One day a boat came right up to my island. There was someone inside and she seemed very, very lost. She asked me a bunch of questions that I wasn’t use to answering. She asked me who I was, why was I there and why did I have such a large supply of Tobbie Fruit. I answered all of the questions she fired at me that I could.

She told me to call her Hazzard and that she had just moved to Mystery Island with her three pets. She told me she had gone to explore the Island and gotten lost. Her voice was loud and jarring compared to my usual silence.

For some reason at the end of our conversation I found myself getting back in the boat with the girl who called herself Hazzard and had an annoying voice. She was telling me how much I would love her new house, how she had an extra room and even how much I would like her other pets. It was strange. As she talked I looked back at my island and wondered how ever she had gotten me to leave it.

There were many people on Mystery Island, more people than I had ever seen in one place. Hazzard led me through the Island Market, past several shops and onto a quiet dirt street with only a few houses on it. Her house was the one on the end with the wilted palm trees dotting the front lawn.

Hazzard had three other pets, each one different and unique as can be. Cadlazer introduced herself ominously as the “Island Witch” and Zaqwertyui started yelling at her once she proclaimed this. Ember seemed nice but he said very little. It took me a few days at their house full of noise and badly cooked food before I realized that they were going to become my family. How odd, I had thought.

Hazzard gave me a petpet, painted me Speckled and told me that I would never have to eat another Tobbie Fruit again. I’ve been with her, Zaq, Ember and Cadlazer for quite some time now and I‘ve enjoyed every minute of it. I try to look back on life at my old island and every so often i try to remember life even before that. It seems dismal and rather sad that I had been alone for so long.

In my opinion, Mystery Island is most beautiful when you can gaze upon the scenery with someone else beside you.

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