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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Kipcha
Owner: good_judgement_23
Breed: Peophin

About Kipcha:
Hey there, fellow Neopian! I’m Kipcha, a FAERIE PEOPHIN! I’m here to scare baby pe-

KIPCHA! No scaring the young pets! *cough* Sorry…Kipcha’s not exactly like other dainty faeries…

You mean those prissy littl-

KIPCHA! I’m warning you, no entering unless you can be nice…

What? Okay, I’m talking now. –Sheesh, someone’s cranky-

So, I’m a faerie. Yes, go ahead pet me…I won’t bite…today. Sorry…Hehe. Anyway, I got turned this color by the lab map. I wanted to be Darigan, but, instead I got to be this. So, Judge loves me as a faerie, maybe she thought it would keep me calm. WRONG. Now I have WINGS! (The one plus to this frilly color…know any other PBs that’d give me wings??) MoonVarg, my brother is jealous, because when he was a girl, HE wanted to be faerie…now he just wants to be smarter than me. Everyone SAYS he’s smarter. But one day, he was reading a book, and I flew over, grabbed it, and put it way up high. ^^ He got SO mad, but with his “Smarts” he had AnimeLover, my shoyru brother, fly up and get it for him. His gruslen bit me!…Anyway, a few days later, I was floating around Mystery Island, bored with slinging slushies and making noise. Myncis scoffed at a Faerie floating around. “Afraid to get dirty, little girl?” They taunted. I scooped some mud up in my tail, and flung it at them so hard, they got pushed a few feet before scampering off. I was depressed, angry. So, I bought a paintbrush. A Darigan paint brush. I noticed a few hours later it was for petpets. And, Kazerius couldn’t be painted. I groaned. Judge made a nest for him in our SDB, and I was free to buy a new Petpet. I was flying back home from the Altador cup a few days later, and I encountered some turbulence. A few splashes got on me, into my coat, into my heart.

I flew home, eager to look in the mirror. Would I be Darigan at all? A few splashes of the deep purple I craved, maybe the wild eyes? I soared down to the ocean, and hovered above a calm part. I looked at all angles, but saw no changes. Flying through Meridell, I felt a tug at my heart, and felt drawn to the hovering Citadel. Dark characters hissed and booed at me, a ‘wimpy faerie’ and then I felt my Darigan soul take over. I looked in the glass of the toy shop, where someone was buying a baby pet a pull-along Bori. The little Grarrl looked at me, and started bawling! Bawling! I cackled, YES!

Judge had signed up to be on Darigan Citadel’s team for the Altador Cup. Maraqwen, my Koi sister, had wanted to join Maraqua, AnimeLover had wanted to join Shenkuu, and MoonVarg loved pirates. I had supported Darigan, and now I was in it to win it. I became DC’s biggest fan. I played every day, slinging slushies, making LOADS of noise. People laughed at me, and said I had an ‘identity crisis’, whatever that meant. I asked MoonVarg, and he said I should read a book. I told him I’d read more than him, and he pouted. When people asked if I was sad Faerieland was doing poorly, I replied, “Why should I care?” They asked, “oh, what team did you join?”
“DC, of course!” Later, after an especially good game where DC beat KI, I bought a little Nuk…who was slightly mentally impaired, as Judge puts it. I painted him Darigan, making sure a few splashes got on me. Now, we fly to game in Altador, help our Darigan fellas, and support Darigan boards. After much hard work, Darigan won. So, now you all know what they mean about that saying with the book and it’s cover…I can’t remember…maybe I should read more…Bye now! ^^

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