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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Taelanar
Owner: susara86
Breed: Ixi

About Taelanar:
A young Wocky approaches you and begins to speak to you softly. “In between Brightvale and Meridell there is a dark patch of forest. If in your travels of Neopia you just so happen to walk by this forest and cross paths with it’s owner, be wary. Do not be tempted to play his games or you will be sorry.” As suddenly as he appeared, he vanishes, leaving you puzzled as to what just happened.

The wocky leaves you curious to know more about this mystery, so you decide to visit this forest. As you begin to walk under it’s branches you suddenly find yourself staring into the face of a strange creature sitting on a rotten tree stump.

“I hope you didn’t come into my neck of the woods in search of a new place to put your neohome.” The creature says as he flips a coin in his hand.

“My name is Taelanar, but I have earned the name Tae the Trickster. Before I answer any of your questions, let me tell you a little about myself.” The mutant ixi says as he continues to flip the coin with his hooves.

“My life has always been about luck. Ever since I was a baby ixi, abandoned by my folks in this dark damp forest, I have lived by the fur on my back. My only true companion is Conscience…”

Your blank stare makes him chuckle.

“No, no, I don’t mean my conscience,” he says with a laugh, “I mean Conscience my Naalala. As you can guess from her name, she keeps me on the right path in life, or at least tries to.”

You are slowly feeling mesmerized by the motion of his coin flipping through the air repeatedly.

“I earned the right to call this forest my own after many years of hard work. I learned to play all of Neopia’s finest games of luck and chance. Slowly, I won each piece of this forest until I owned it all.” Taelanar said with a triumphant smile.

Your eyes never leave the coin as he catches it again in his hooves.

“By the way, since you are here, might I interest you in a game of chance?” he asks with an evil grin. “I don’t know what other’s have told you, but my games are fair and I don’t ask for much in return.”

You agree to play his game and he claps with glee. “How splendid! I haven’t had a competitor in ages. Since you look so interested in my coin, why don’t we play a game of double or nothing. I learned that from a skeith I met once.” You nod your head and his grin grows wider.

You are so captivated by the shiny coin that you don’t notice that both sides have the same figure of a king. “This is a regular neopian coin,” he says “If the coin lands on heads, I win. If it lands on tails, you win. Understand?” he says with an evil grin.

Luck is on your side though, a small creature comes running to your aid. If you had paid closer attention, you would have noticed it was the naalala that Taelanar was telling you about earlier. She bites your leg and the spell is broken. You run screaming from the woods, never looking back.

With a frown, the mutant ixi looks down at the naalala. “That was not fair you know, I almost had them.” But she just stares back at him, her arms crossed with a frown of her own.

“Oh well,” he sighs. “You want to play with me instead? I promise not to cheat this time”

Conscience just chuckles and pats his knee with a sad smile on her face.

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