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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Keynae
Owner: destind87
Breed: Wocky

About Keynae:
Dear Dairy:

Hi there again! It’s me Keynae, like you didn’t already now that! I had an interesting week this week so I’ll just write about it!

It started out when I heard about the newest Beauty Contest winner. Wow, she was so pretty and so many people voted for her! She most had a lot of friends! I couldn’t wait to try out myself.

“Mom! I want to try out for the beauty contest! Can I mom? Huh? Please?!” I begged my mom as she laid down the omelette breakfast on the table.

“The beauty contest? I suppose so hun. The neopoints will help out around here...”

“And help towards getting my Faerie wings right?” Ever since I first visited Faerie Land I wanted to become one of them. To have those wings fluttering behind me and everyone, man, that would be so cool!

Mom smiled and nodded. “Yes, and towards that Faerie Paint Brush. Now eat your breakfast before FlufferNutter gets it.”

I looked down at my plate to see my gobbler, FlufferNutter going towards my plate. “Hey!” I picked him up and petted him before setting him on the floor and eating my breakfast.

After breakfast I got all dressed up and ready for my picture finally mom was ready! Ooo! It was so exciting.

“Now hunny, stay still okay?” My mom said, and I nodded in reply.

It was long before mom had a drawing of me down on the paper.

“Oh wow! That is so neat!!” I said when I looked at the lines on the paper.

“Yup, now all I need to do it color it and send it into the Beauty Contest. While I do, how about you work on your website. Help people get to know the person behind the picture.” Mom smiled and patted me on the head

I didn’t really get what she meant to began with. The neopet behind the picture? Why do that? It was all about the prettiest neopet. The prettiest had the most votes and friends! Surly, I would win all that with mom’s picture!

A week had passed and mom took me to the beauty contest hall. I only got like ten votes!

“But... Huh?” I said looking at the ranks. I looked over at mom as she looked threw the chart. She smiled!

“Look Keynae. All our friends voted!” She said, happily!

“But... But... There are only a few votes...” I said, wondering why how mom was happy!

Mom patted me on the head. “Of course there is. It was your first time after all. Many people don’t know you yet.”

“But with your picture, they were supposed to know me... It was really good… So they should have liked it more then the others. Then I would have more friends…” I felt like crying, actually, I was. I really hoped to win it.

Mom wiped away my tears and said: “It’s just a contest dear. Just because they didn’t vote for you doesn’t mean they don’t like you, they just haven’t gotten to know you. When they do, then you’ll find yourself with some real friends.” Mom hugged me. It made me feel a little better. Moms are good at that stuff.

When we got home there was a letter in the mail box. “Huh?”

Mom pulled it out and smiled. “Look dear! Someone really liked your picture, and wants make a play day with you and their neopets. So you can get to know each other!”

I smiled. A new friend, Maybe not a bunch of them that I wouldn’t even remember their names, but just one that I could get to know. Neo to neo.

Well, that is about it. I think I will do better next contest. If not, that’s okay too. I’m going to meet the other neopets soon! Talk to you later! ^_^

Love, Keynae~

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