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Pet Name: Lissaveta
Owner: mistiehall
Breed: Poogle

About Lissaveta:
All my life I’ve dreamt of being a princess. The day my mom adopted me, May 24th, was the greatest day of my life! I knew as soon as I met her that she would pamper and primp me for the rest of my life. As soon as I met my older sisters Princess and Xanica, my suspicions were confirmed. Princess and Xanica were real princesses! Their beautiful gowns were stunning, and I vowed that I would one day be as regal as them.

Mom convinced me to let her zap me a bit with the lab ray in hopes that I would become a pea chia. Unfortunately, that never happened, but I did become a chocolate chia for a while. That was a difficult time for me, due to my inclination to nibble on my own arm. My mom promised as long as I was chocolate, she would not zap me because chocolate chias are so special! After a while that troublemaker Boochi came around and zapped me baby, so mom eventually started zapping me again.

For a while I lost touch with myself, I never knew what I might be from one day to another! I became really sad and begged my mom to make me a princess, even my new young sibling had already become a princess and she isn’t even half my age! Mom promised she would make me a princess very soon. One day the lab ray zapped me into a faerie poogle, and although I wasn’t a princess, I was very happy to be so pretty! Mom agreed she would stop zapping me since I liked the look so much. She promised that she would allow me to live as a faerie until she could afford my princess attire.

One day my sisters and I were playing when we stumbled into a secret passageway! We followed the twists and turns and somehow ended up in a room I was most familiar with, the lair of the lab scientist! He wasn’t around, so my sisters and I kept pretending to shoot each other with the ray. It was all fun and games until my younger sister, Misuti, accidentally flicked the wrong switch. I knew immediately that I had been hit. I began transforming and tears sprung to my eyes. I really liked my faerie self. When I saw what I had become, I started crying even harder. My teeth had sharpened, and I was wearing polka dots and checks at the same time! Could life get any worse?

I ran down the passageway crying and hooked on to my mom’s leg as soon as I saw her. She was a bit flabbergasted at first, but recognized the toy tiara on my head immediately. She saw my tears and leaned down and hugged me so hard my stuffing almost came out! My sisters ran in the room crying as they explained the accident to a very stern looking Mom. Once they told her what happened, she leaned down and scooped me up. Mom told me that I was very special, not many could say they were an MSP poogle…in fact there was only one way to become MSP and it was by being zapped, not even the fountain faerie could make MSP poogles! I asked her what “MSP” meant and she told me. I told her I didn’t want to be evil, and she said just because people might say I was “malevolent,” it didn’t mean I was. Mom said being “malevolent” is a choice, and that my actions would dictate if I was "malevolent" or not.

Then mom opened a magazine to a picture of a beautiful poogle who looked like a queen. She told me, if I really wanted to change, she had saved enough to make me look like the picture in the magazine. I thought for a few minutes and decided that what I became in the secret laboratory that day was more special than anything money could buy, and I asked mom if it would be okay to stay the same. She hugged and kissed me and said I could. Then she told me I would always be her extra special princess, and you know what? I may not have a flowing dress or a real crown, but I’m special in my own way and that’s perfectly fine with me.

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