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Pet Name: Maudofmordiford
Owner: heretosee
Breed: Draik

About Maudofmordiford:
Maud of the Village of Mordiford

Once upon a time, there was a village of Draiks called Mordiford. It was high in the mountains nestled among rocky crags and perilous cliffs. Once upon the same time there was also a young Red Aisha named Maud who longed to be a Draik. She knew from her very birth that this was a part of her destiny, and most of all she desired the form of the Mutant.

So day and night Maud worked, performing odd jobs for whoever had a neopoint to spare to pay her. She hauled dung from petpet stables, picked fruit from trees in farms, and once even dressed up as a hamburger as an advertisement for the Food Shop. Long and hard she worked, but in the end she had her np. So Maud found a vendor selling the fabled Draik Transmogrification Potion, and purchased it. Then it was a glorious day indeed, for Maud achieved her destiny and became a mighty Mutant Draik!

How hideous it was as her flesh twisted and writhed! Gross green skin bubbling forth to replace soft red fur! Wings springing from a back that was until that point appendage less! And the ears! Oh the ears, beautiful Aisha ears shrinking then branching and forming those upon the Draik’s mighty head! Yes Maud took it all with unwavering glee, for this is what she was meant to become!

So Maud set out to find the fabled village of Mordiford, knowing there could be no place better for a Draik to reside. She said goodbye to the friends and family who helped her to get so far, said goodbye to the plains she once called home, and took flight. Three weeks her journey took her, as she flew through perilous storms where the striking lightning illuminated her frightening flying form, horrifying those watching the storm from below. Three weeks her journey took her, as she threw over the mountains where sudden gusts of winds threatened to dash her upon the mountains’ rocky faces. Three weeks of tiring travel for the body, but great excitement for the eager mind dreaming of the home it was approaching. Three weeks, and then finally she reached Mordiford.

Alas! A village of Draiks it was, but Mutants were considered monsters in those times in all parts of Neopia. Maud was driven from the village by the angry Draik villagers who called out as she retreated that she could never have a place among them. All this time she had traveled, only to be turned away from the home she sought so eagerly. All her life she had desired to nothing more than to be a Draik and live among them, what was she to do now? Forlorn, she flew to the highest cliffs of the mountain and wept.

Forsaken Draik! For hours she sat there, heartbroken, as the sun set and the red light burned fiercely through the mountains onto her shaking, wretched form. Poor beast, defeated she sat their clothed the sun’s heartless light, so easily giving up on her dream. But then, what was that? A scream! A scream of great fear reverberated through the mountains and cliffs!

In a flash Maud was at the edge of the cliff on which she lay, and she saw plummeting to the rocky floor of a great ravine the tiny form of a young Draik. She did not know it, but this young one had ventured unnoticed from Mordiford to go exploring but an hour before she had be driven from it. His wings not yet strong, he grew tired of flying from cliff to cliff and tried to land on a small outcropping of rock, only to come down too hard, roll onto his tender wings, and bounce off the rock over the drop to perilous gorge.

Without thinking, Maud leapt from her perch and dove down into the rocky crevasse, aiming to rescue the fluttering, falling, screaming young Draik. Slowly she gained on him, but it looked to be too slow indeed. The small Draik was plummeting right towards a particularly painful looking spike of rock growing from the face of cold rock wall, reaching menacingly into ravine. But no! She did it! Ah, but no not quite! Straining to recover from the speed of her dive, Maud grabbed the young Draik mere inches above the spike of rock, but unable to slow down in time the fell herself upon the rock and the young Draik was thrown from the safety of her arms!

The scream again! For a split second it had stopped as the little Draik found himself nestled in Maud’s arms, but as he again plunged towards the threatening boulders lining the base of the gulch he released once more his piercing call. As Maud lay upon the spike of rock, the villagers who finally noticed the missing youth and set out to find him reached the edge of the ravine in time to see the small Draik begin his fall again. Yet brave Maud was undaunted by her momentary setback and bracing herself against the pain, she launched herself from the spike of rock and dove again at the little one.

Success! Again Maud grabbed the young Draik, but now they were too close to the cliff-covered walls lining the rock strewn floor of the ravine! Yet Maud was determined not to drop her charge again and with grave determination wrapped her arms around him and curled into a ball, shielding the small form with her own body. The villagers cried out in horror as the duo bounced off the rocky face, then slid, bounced, and smashed their way to a stop at an outcropping of rock just above the level ground. Surely Maud could not have survived that!

Yet amazement overtook the horror in the villagers’ faces as the mighty Mutant uncurled herself and set down the little Draik at the base of the rocky outcrop on which she lay. Slowly and determinedly she raised herself to her feet and gazed over the outcropping at the tiny, frightened Draik.

“Let’s not go exploring cliffs on our own anymore, okay little guy?” Maud grinned.

And the young Draik hastily nodded.

So it ended that the villagers finally landed by Maud and the small Draik. Maud was supported by the parents of the young Draik themselves on the long walk back to the village, and messengers heralded the return of the great hero. So it was that Maud of Mordiford became accepted by the Draiks of the village, and finally achieved her true destiny as one of its most beloved protectors.

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