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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Nobl3
Owner: simplesmile
Breed: Usul

About Nobl3:
You are calmly wondering around Meridell. All is perfect: the wind rustles gently and the sky is a deep blue. Suddenly, you hear a sound.
“AAARRRGGHHH!” a voice screams from behind you.
You quickly turn back to see what’s the matter. You gasp. An enormous musketeer usuki doll lay on the ground before you.
“Aww…” you mumble, “You poor Usuki doll!”

The large doll stares at you. With a bit of a struggle, he stands up and dusts his clothes.
“Excuse me,” he says, “I am an usul, painted usuki. I am NOT a doll!”
You blush from your mistake and say, “I’m sorry. Okay?”
He takes one last look at you, sticks his nose up in the air and starts to walk away.

Oh dear. You start to walk back to where you planned to go but you tripped over. You scream of pain. Look’s like you stumbled on a rock! You pick the object up. It’s a rather pretty over sized hat with a white weewoo feather stuck in it. It must’ve belonged to that vain usul! You quickly dash over to him.

“Here’s your hat.” You pant as you hand it over to the usul.
He receives the hat and then looks at you. A smile appears on his face.
“Thank you,” he beams, “Let me introduce myself.”

He takes a bow and says, “Salutations, my friend. I am Nobl3, infamous musketeer. Well, people call me an amateur. HAH to them!”
You uncomfortably say as you try to flee from the life-story, “Thanks for the information Nobl3, but I really need to get on with my stuff…”
He grabs your hand tight and mumbles, “Trying to escape from the wrath of my profile? Well, HAH! I’ll tell you more now. My family is always telling me how brave and valiant I am, and how Skarl is so unreasonable for not accepting me for the royal musketeer squad! Oh, did I tell you about that before! I think not! Well~”

You interrupt the fantasizing usul with a cough and comment, “I really should get going now. I’m late for lunch!”
He sighs and after a few moments, he hands you a potato from nowhere.
“Doesn’t matter, my friend!” he babbles, “You can have lunch with me! I’m very healthy actually. I live on a diet of gruel, berries and especially potatoes – it keeps me up and running for my attempts to impress King Skarl!”
“Yes, that’s very nice Nobl3.” You say.
“I know what you’re going to say…” He grins.
Well, finally! You think. Maybe I can escape from this crazy usul!
“…You want to hear about my family, don’t you?!” he exclaims.
You scream desperately in hope he’ll get the message.

“Screaming of excitement, eh?” he laughs, “You’re a nice person!”
You roll your eyeballs.
“Well I have this owner. She’s cool. I’ll tell you more about her later. I have a brother, Distantte. Sweetest bruce I’ve ever seen. Then there’s the two cheeky sisters. Melisa2121, or Mel. Bad temper, that one. Last but not least, Simplymelody! I call her Melody though. She’s quite strange, you never know what she’s going to do next!
You cough again for attention.
“Oh and yes!” he smiles, “I forgot about the petpets. Mine is called Lunch – because I love food! He’s a gobbler. My siblings have petpets too! Dis~”
“Erm, sorry to burst your bubble Nobl3,” you say, “But it’s really getting late for me.”
He looks sadly at you. He sniffs quietly and says, “What did you say? Well, I’m getting hungry. I’ll catch you later!”
And Nobl3 disappears.

Well, you missed your schedule. It doesn’t matter. Nobl3 didn’t seem so bad when you came to think of it! You’ll probably miss the little usul, but maybe you’ll bump into him again.

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