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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: FaithfulWaterfall
Owner: tweety_1691
Breed: Peophin

About FaithfulWaterfall:
You are alone at the beach, walking along the deserted sands. As you saunter, you suddenly come across an area filled with rocks. Deciding you are enjoying yourself too much to turn back, you advance, being careful where you step. You start to hear voices that seem to be coming from a distance, but you expect it's only the strong sea wind. Then … WHAM!!! You weren't paying attention to where you were going and tripped. All of a sudden, you hear giggling.

-"Oh dear!", a small Desert Kacheek exclaims. "I hope *giggle* that you didn't hurt yourself too much! *heehee* *giggle*."
-"Shhh Arabelle!", a Christmas Peophin scolds. "It isn't nice to laugh at people. ", Sneaking a shy smile.
-"Oh," ,you start to say. "It's fine. It was a bit clumsy of me anyway ."

You , still a bit shaken, sit down on a rock across from the Peophin.

-" So, who are you two?", you ask.
-"Well, I'm Arabelle", says the Kacheek." ,and this is Fai. Well, her real name is FaithfulWaterfall, but that's kinda long, so we just call her Fai.
-"Nice to meet you", Fai says quietly.
-"Hey!", Arabelle exclaims. "Aren't you the interview guy for Pet Spotlight's?"
-"Um…", you start to say.
-"Arabelle! There isn't an interview guy for pet spotlight's!", Fai states.
-"Whatever.", Arabelle said, waving the last comment by." So, would you be able to write something for a pet spotlight please?"
-"For you?", you ask.
-"Oh, no! Of course not! For Fai!"
-"Arabelle!", Fai says quickly. "I'm too shy to be in a pet spotlight! I wouldn't be able to answer all of the questions, and I'm not very special. We should do it on you! And anyway…"
-"Don't be ridiculous!", Arabelle interrupts." You're very special! Here.", she says, handing you a notepad and paper. "You take notes so I can write up the spotlight and hand it in later, ok?"
-"Umm, sure!", you say." So, what are you're interests Fai?"
-"Well, I like poetry…"
-"LIKE poetry?!?", Arabelle asks loudly, startling both me and Fai. "She absolutely LOVES it! Why you write poetry everyday! About anything, anywhere, any time, all the time! Why MUST you be so modest Fai! You're great at it too!"
-"Now wait a minute Arabelle!", you say quickly." I can't get all this down. You're talking too fast!"
-"Sorry.", Arabelle says sheepishly. "Ok Fai. Why don't you talk about what else you like to do?"
-"Ok. I also like reading, and of course swimming.", she said." Oh, and I like playing Jelly Blobs of Doom."
-"But you must be mistaken!", you exclaim." That's a game that's supposedly in "jelly world"! I doesn't exist!"
-"Oh of course! How silly of me!"
-"That's all right.", you say. "Uh… what's you're favourite colour?
-"Coral Pink'
-"Favourite book?"
-"Poetry for Peophins"
-"Favourite food?"
-"Jell…I mean…I like things like are …gummy."
-"Tell our visitor about your dream Fai!" , Arabelle says excitedly. You expect she's trying to break the awkward boringness of the questions you were asking.
-"I couldn't!" , Fai replies. "It's too silly!"
-"Oh please!", you say. I won't laugh! I promise."
-"Well, it's not really something…well…it's not exactly funny…oh, ok.", she says finally." I'd…like to be able to be around flowers. They're SO pretty, and I could write hundreds of poems on them. I'd like to be able to plant them, take care of them, you know, coral and kelp just isn't as wonderful as flowers. The problem is, I love being a Peophin, and living underwater, and there isn't any paint brush I could use in order to do both."
-"That's not so silly!", you say sympathetically.
-"Of course it isn't!", Arabelle exclaims." Fai's just shy and modest. Why, you didn't even mention that you're really smart and have a wonderful singing voice Fai!"
-"Sorry. I'm just not used to thinking this much about myself. Can't I talk about Sarah?", she asks.
-"Who's Sarah?", you ask.
-"Sarah's my adorable little Cybunny.", Fai replies." She's playful, and really sweet!"
-"Great! I think I have all the information I need.", you say. "Is there anything else you want to add?"
-"Well,", Fai starts. I couldn't cook for my life, I like to collect plushies, and I play the piano."
-"The piano?", you ask.
-"Yep!", Arabelle answers. "We all play an instrument. I play the drums, and Niah77, our sister, plays the guitar."
-"Cool!", you say. "One last thing before I go. Fai, would you recite a poem for me?"

The sun was setting in the west,
And just as the sky was as it's best,
The darkness was all out of sight,
The pets could enjoy with sure delight,
A few seconds of peace 'til tomorrow,
Before the world was filled with sorrow,
For when darkness fills the rainbow skies,
We know it's time to tell our goodbyes."

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