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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: red_lona_67
Owner: glamur_pusse
Breed: Kiko

About red_lona_67:
I was just taking a stroll with my owner Glamur_pusse in Kiko lake. We stopped at Kiko Lake treats to get some rock candy (choco-mint, my favourite!), and sat on the dock to eat it.
It was a hot summers day. The sun scorched our backs, melting the candy so that it stuck to my hoof. I dipped my feet in the cool water of the harbour, watching the sparkling turquoise water swallow them up. I saw a golden Uni staring back at me in the water. I tossed my head back and let my glossy mane spread out, the light catching the new golden tints I got put in yesterday at the grooming parlour. All was peaceful and quiet, until I began to hear this annoying buzzing noise. At first I thought that maybe it was just a mosquito, so I began waving and clapping my hooves about, but still the noise didn’t stop. It also seemed to be getting louder and louder with each buzz.
“Do you hear that?” I asked Glamur_pusse, shaking her. She was half asleep
“Don’t want no birthday presents, have a carrot” she said, then turned over on the towel she was sleeping on.
I shook my head, the buzzing noise was still ringing in my ears. I leaned over the harbour and dunked my head in the cool water, to try and regain my senses. But as I looked up again, WHAM!! The tip of a speedboat hit me directly in the middle of my forehead, and sent me flying backwards.
“Sorry about that!” I heard a voice call in the distance. I sat up rubbing my head, suddenly the pain shot through me and I made a strange moaning noise I don’t think I’ve made before.
“Root beer never made of soot” Said the voice, now fuzzy and almost echoing.
“Huh?” I asked, rubbing my eyes. I saw a blur of red rush towards me, mumbling words that didn’t make sense. But then everything faded out


“Amber, Amber, Amber”
I sat up and rubbed my eyes. I looked around and a wave of panic rushed through me. A pair of eyes were staring directly back down at me and I screamed.
“Come now, shhhh, you don’t want to wake the other patients” I looked again and it was Glamur_pusse, pulling back the covers of my bed.
“Patients?” I asked, confused.
“You’re in the hospital, you just got hit by a speedboat. But it’s all right now, there was no serious damage, you just got a bit of concussion that’s all” said Glamur_pusse, stroking the top of my head.
“A speedboat? Why? I remember a red thing, it was talking about root beer…” I began
“Root beer? Well the red thing was in fact a Kiko. She told me that she had been asking you to let her take a look at how hurt you were. She was the one driving the speedboat. But, well, oh dear”
“What’s oh dear? I asked
“Well Red, that’s her name, wasn’t meant to have the speedboat in the first place. Her owner told me that she had forbid the Kiko to go anywhere near it until she had her license. But, rather like you, she went out with it anyway, and she hit you. Her owner is so angry that she’s going to put Red in the pound. I tried to calm her down, tell her that no real harm was done, but she wouldn’t listen”.
“So you mean Red is now gonna be in the pound?” I asked
“Well yes, but I was thinking…….”
“yeeees?” I asked
“Well, um, would you, um, like a sister?”
“What sort of sister?” I asked for the sake of it
“You know what sort, would you want Red as a sister?”
“Not if she’s gonna kill me with another speedboat” I said
“Come on, we live in Neopia central how’s she gonna do that?” Laughed Glamur_pusse.
I thought for a while. I’ve always wanted a sister, and now’s the perfect chance! So ok I didn’t really think for a while, I thought for 5 seconds!
“Yeah I do!” I said “But on one condition, we don’t ever let her near a speedboat while I’m around!”.

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