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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Kymbar
Owner: magicpinball
Breed: Lutari

About Kymbar:
Hi! My name is Kymbar, and if you're reading this I will be one of the first Lutari ever to win the pet spotlight. So it's an honor to meet you. ;)

Those of you that don't know a Lutari may be wondering where we come from, what we like to eat, what we like to do... but I'm not here to answer any of that! I know that species means a lot to a lot of pets, but we mustn't forget that every pet has something within as well... I mean, think of the poor lab pets! How would they feel if you judge them by their species, when it could change any day?

Well anyway, since we've established that I can't speak for all the Lutari, we can get to talking about me! I came to live with someone called "Magic", and several brothers. Now don't tell her I said this, but Magic's a bit odd. For example, she gave me a petpet, insisted that we zap it with this creepy "petpet lab ray", then stopped when it turned into a super cute Robot Snowickle... but what does she still do?... She still tries to feed it to that lard-booty Turmaculus in Meridell! She says that he'd never eat it, but honestly, I think there's something about this that no one has told me about. Ah, but she's really quite nice, if you aren't a zapped petpet. She reads to me every day. There's nothing I like more than emptying Magic's shop till to spend the afternoon in the book shop. Oh, she doesn't mind, promise! Sometimes I even pick up stuff for my brothers. They're the ones that need it, if you catch my drift.

Magic's not as species-neutral as I am. She says that she "always wanted" a pet of my species because she adores my claws. But I'm a very lucky pet, since I got her to accept me for who I am: not a battle pet! She was very disappointed, sure, but does a book a day sound like the actions of an owner that doesn't love me to bits and pieces?

At first I was sad that I couldn't be the kind of pet she hoped for. Soon, thankfully, I would find my place. You want to know how I managed to fit in, right?

Right! I started off shy and quiet around my brothers since they're... well, kinda nuts. Ezdar the ixi is a pessimist who hates anything to do with helping the situation at hand; Kedalt thinks he's the strongest, smartest, bravest lupe to ever explore Neopia and never listens to anyone; Troval doesn't trust anybody and intends to learn dark magic (terribly scary business, yes?). Eventually, I noticed that they weren't getting along with anyone else either... this one time, Ezdar was talking to one of his "friends"... she was really upset that her plushie had got torn up, and Ezdar was being entirely unsympathetic. So then he stalks off to the other side of the room. They might have stopped speaking to each other entirely or something, wouldn't that be sad?

So I had to save the day. I walk up to her...

"What's going on?"

"Your brother's EVIL, Kym. He won't even show me where the sewing shop is so I can fix my plushie!" She pouted.

I smiled softly and lowered my voice. "My brother's just scared of plushies, since the Fountain Faerie turned him in to one."

"Really?!" Her eyes widened. "He could have just told me. He didn't have to be all weird."

"Maybe he'll grow out of it," I said cheerfully. "Anyway, I can show you where the shop is."

So, I saved my brother from losing his, like... ONLY friend. He can't have that many, y'know? But with me there to help, anything's possible. I decided that since I'd been accepted into my family with open arms, I should use my gift of... uh... TACT, to help them in their adventures. It's working pretty well! Troval always has the best luck haggling with potion shops when I'm around, and Kedalt only gets us kicked out of HALF of the museums and scientific conventions we visit. It's quite an improvement!

I think you all have something to contribute, nomatter how strange or simple it is. Go find out! Please? =)

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