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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: TheKyootnis
Owner: captain_dh
Breed: Xweetok

About TheKyootnis:
TheKyootnis woke up and stretched her paws. She had an exciting day planned. Most of her days in Neopia were interesting, there is a lot to do and see. Her house was on a cloud, after all. How can any day not be the start of an adventure? She crawled out of her comfy tunnel bed and ran a comb through the pink stripes on her light blue tail. Xweetoks have such soft and fluffy tails, and TheKyootnis took pride in her stripes. She was lucky enough to find a Rainbow Paint Brush, but a quick trip to the Mystery Island Trading Post got her the color she really wanted. While she was happy with her original red fur, she adored the pink stripes. It was a perfect balance between cute and tough, well, mostly cute. She put on her lightly armored battle dress, patted her petpet mazzew on the head, and grabbed her giant lollypop. The blue and white-swirled candy was nearly as big as she was. It looked tasty, but there were other plans for it, she thought as she headed out the door.

Her first stop was to get some breakfast. She enjoyed the food at Grundo’s, and it wasn’t that far of a trip between Faerieland and Virtupets Space Station. The shuttle docked and she walked onto the familiar metal floor of the space station. Walking past the Lever of Doom, she remembered the big warning sign and resisted the urge to pull on it. The restaurant was more crowded than usual this morning. She sat down and ordered her favorite squashed salisbury steak. “That’s a big lollypop you got there” said the Grundo Chef Gargarox. “Oh, it’s not for eating” TheKyootnis replied. “I’m going to use it as a weapon!” The Chef looked puzzled. “I’m rather busy so I guess I’ll ask about that later. But you better not let the Tooth Faerie see that thing, she’ll probably take it away from you!” After her meal she walked back to the docking bay. Her next destination was going to see an old friend.

Safely back on Neopia, TheKyootnis took a moment to adjust to the tropical climate of Mystery Island. She thought it would be a good idea to get a few more lessons at the Training School. On her way there she went into the Trading Post to see if there was any offers on her lots. Nope, still none. Sometimes you just have to be patient. A short distance away she was greeted by the Techo Master. “Welcome back, Kyootnis. You look like you are on an adventure.” TheKyootnis bowed. “Yes Master, I’m going to fight an enormous beast and would like a little more strength training.” A few hours later, as she was punching a large boulder, the old techo glanced over at the giant lollypop. “That is quite an interesting weapon you have there.” He said. “Perhaps you plan on slaying this beast by rotting it’s teeth?” TheKyootnis smiled. “That thing was lost in the pantry for quite a while so it’s hard as a rock now. I can’t imagine how a piece of candy that size escaped my notice for so long, but at least it will be good for something.” The Techo Master nodded. “It takes more than a strong weapon to defeat an opponent, but some lessons you have to learn for yourself. Please return with your story. I look forward to hearing it.” “Thank you Master, I’ll be careful.” And with that she was off to the Harbour, to catch a boat heading north.

TheKyootnis knew it was risky riding on a Krawk Island pirate ship but the Captain, a rough looking Moehog named Cassale, claimed it was the fastest ship going back to the mainland. There must have been an air-faerie enchantment on the sails, because it did seem unnaturally quick. She thought it was probably best to not ask too many questions. TheKyootnis looked over the side of the boat to see if she could catch a glimpse of the underwater city of Maraqua as the Captain approached. "Me men and I would like a bit of that lollypop. Surely there is plenty for everybody!" Knowing pirates respect toughness, she put on an icy glare and replied "Only if your men would like it smashed over their heads!" and waved it around. "Alright lass, calm down! No need for any head-smashing!" A few of the other passengers giggled as Captain Cassale walked away. She thought for a moment that it might have been good practice. After a short time they arrived at a desolate shore with only a large cave in sight.

Through the well-traveled cave, deep under the mountains, TheKyootnis arrived in the primitive land of Tyrannia. The fact that there is a sky above the land suggests that it’s not really underground, but somehow the only way to get there is though a few select tunnels. She stopped by the Giant Omelette mysteriously baking on the Plateau for a quick bite to eat. As she ate, she noticed the hot sun was also cooking her giant lollypop, making it even harder. Figuring it would be good to let it stay in the heat for a while, she walked over and spun the Wheel of Monotony. The Quiggle that runs the game is not very good company. He’ll stare blankly for the few hours it takes for the wheel to stop. Instead TheKyootnis picked up a conveniently placed copy of the Neopian Times newspaper and read a few articles. She always wanted to try investing in the Stock Market. After a long while, the wheel stopped and she won a small bag of Neopoints. The real reward was her weapon’s new strength. On her way out she plucked the lollypop and got a satisfying ‘ting!’ At the end of the passage on the other side of Tyrannia was where she would get to test how strong it had become.

She finally emerged in the Ice Caves of the Terror Mountain, where the battle awaited. A few neopets crowded around the entrance to the monster’s lair, as usual., waiting for it to go to sleep. As she approached the cavern a Kacheek warned that the beast was still awake. TheKyootnis peeked inside anyway. Sitting on an enormous pile of treasure was the even more enormous Snowager. The blue and purple serpent seemed to be moving things around in it’s pile of random objects when it snapped to attention, as if it realized it was being watched. It spun around and matched gazes with TheKyootnis. She walked a few steps into the cavern as the other Neopets tried to whisper loud warnings. Her plan was to give it one good smash and then run like crazy if it didn’t work. Judging by the size of her opponent, she was already pointing her feet toward the bottom of the mountain.

The Snowager slithered over slowly but did not seem to be interested in TheKyootnis. Instead it was staring at her giant lollypop. The beast looked even larger as it drew closer. This was her chance. She swung back her weapon and let out the Xweetok battle cry “Chirka! Chirka! Chrika!“ As the blue-raspberry and vanilla-swirled instrument of doom rushed to it’s destiny TheKyootnis closed her eyes. A loud “BOOM!” filled the cave. She squinted upward and saw the Snowager had the lollypop firmly in it’s beak. Stunned, she let go of the weapon. The serpent glanced down at TheKyootnis for a moment before it darted back to the treasure pile. It wrapped itself around the mound, took a few licks of the lollypop, and let out a loudly echoing roar. At least it took the lollypop and not her, TheKyootnis thought as she started turning to go out of the lair. Just then, with a flick of it’s tail, a rare Baby Xweeetok Plushie flew off the pile and slid to a stop by her feet. Did it do that on purpose?! She picked it up and hurried out, glancing back in to see the Snowager happily enjoying it’s new treat. She lifted her prize into the air as the other neopets cheered. She couldn’t wait until tomorrow, to tell the story and show her new plushie to all her friends. Another exciting day for TheKyootnis.

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