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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: _Benedick
Owner: brandywine185
Breed: Hissi

About _Benedick:
Glancing up from your letter to the neohome before you, you knock gingerly. This must be the right place for the next Pet Spotlight contestant, but something seems amiss. A bright green light flashes from one of the nearest rooms, causing you to flinch. After some muffled yelling and quite a bit of rustling, the door of the home slowly opens to reveal a large Hissi.

His sharp blue eyes fixate on you for a moment before making any sort of comment, "You must be here to interview me." His calm manner meant that the earlier explosion was normal for him. "Erm, yes if you are..." You pause, glancing down at the letter to catch this creature's name. "Benedick?" The crest upon his head seemed to puff like that of a Tropical Pteri, this must be his name. With a charming grin, Benedick slithers away from the door and beckons you in by extending a leathery wing toward the nearest couch.

"Yes, yes!" He chirps, closing the door behind you. "Now, I assume you heard that commotion a few moments before. I warn you, my owner is an experimenter and likes to concoct odd potions." He adds, watching cheerfully as you sit upon the couch he gestured to earlier. "So that's what's going on back there?" You ask, knowing the answer before he even nodded. "Enough about her..." He snorts, lifting his head in a proud manner. "I'm sure you are a busy person and want to listen to something much more interesting." You arch a brow, but decide it best not to argue as you catch the glint of a sword hilt hanging from his belt. "Since you insist. Could you maybe tell me some of your history?" You ask, managing a smirk.

Benedick perked considerably, nodding with great excitement, he begins his story. "Of course! I shall tell you about how I came to be in such an -interesting- family. It was quite a day, I assure you." Curling his tail beneath him, he grins absently in remembrance. "It started in the morning, how long ago I can't quite remember. I was separated from my usual comrades, and it was beginning to rain quite heavily in Meridell."

"You lived in Meridell?" You ask, now taking the time to glance at his interesting white vest.

Benedick nodded, sighing at you as if his pride had been hurt by your interruption. He quickly recovered though, as he continued his story quite quickly. "Now, usually I would've gone back to my home. Before you ask, I am the son of quite a rich Hissi, so my home is quite large. Back to the story, I decided it was too long to a way to go home and decided it best to slide quickly into Merifoods. When I entered, the old Meerca handed me a Pea Stuffed Pepper. We knew each other quite well, so he didn't mind sparing some of his stock for me. It didn't take long for an odd blue creature to also enter the store; he must have been traveling himself."

You glance around the room, wondering to yourself who the blue creature might be. Benedick seems to catch onto your curiosity and answers as he continues his story. "He ended up being my now 'owner's' Shoyru, we call him Tike'n. Now, by this time in my story I was quite interested by him and didn't mind much as he sat next to me. We had a small chat on the weather, and he told me about his home. Mostly about how these ragtag creatures could really band together when needed to solve mysteries of Neopia, they're mapping Altador's constellations as we speak! Strangely I was compelled to meet these creatures!" He chuckled softly, glancing around the room with a hint of fondness. "He invited me here, and well, here I am!" He motioned around the room and grinned. You respond with a smile, and then glance at the clock. It's getting rather late and you still have other contestants to look at. "Thank you for your time, Mister Benedick. But I must be going..." He nods respectfully at you, getting up and opening the door. As you leave he closes it slowly. Watching for only a moment before going on your way, you ponder choosing him for the Spotlight. Until then, of course, he can only wait in anticipation until he receives some sort of response.

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