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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Tyixen
Owner: mistress_silverwolf
Breed: Bori

About Tyixen:
I padded along happily beside my family, eager to see more of Neopia. Today we were going to Meridell, a place we had heard was a most charming medieval society.
"We're going to split up," Silverwolf said to us pets. "Just stay in at least groups of two, okay?"
We all nodded in agreement, and I, as usual, went off with my big brother, Lance, while the two lupes went with Silverwolf. We wandered around for a couple of hours, eating some food and buying a few toys. Finally, bored with that, we decided to see what games and competitions we could play.

We had finished a few rounds of Whack-a-Kass (neither of us was very good at that--short arms, you know) when we noticed a small sign beside a door into the castle that said "Cellblock, this way. 75 neopoints a game." Intrigued, we went in and looked around. Soon we came to a room where many gameboards were set up, and people were hunched over them. We grabbed up some pamphlets that explained the rules, then sat down and began playing. We kept on until it was time to meet up with the others, almost using all of our neopoints.

We stayed at Meridell for another day, in which Lance and I played Cellblock almost constantly. He had to nearly drag me away that night.

The next day, I was een more entranced by this game. I /had/ to win before we left!

"COME ON, Tyixen!" whined Lance the poogle as he tugged on my tail. My only reply was to back my ears and stare harder at the gameboard in front of me. My opponent accross the table paid no attention to Lance's pleadings, either.

"Your move," I announced after carefully placing a square piece. I quickly lifted my large claws as to not mess up any of the already played pieces. I had done that several times before, and it was not much fun.

Lance sat down next to me, his ears drooping. I knew he was worried about me--he liked the game too, but it wasn't for him. I had been like this all day; I didn't want to eat or sleep, I just wanted to play this game.

"I win again," sneered Master Vex, placing down his piece, creating a row of five. I lowered my head, feeling as if I was about to cry as my defeat sank in. It had been so close, too! It was the sixth time I had lost; I would have to start all over again now!

Lance's sharp little teeth bit into my tail, causing me to jump about five feet into the air, squeaking in pain and upsetting the gameboard.


"But I haven't won yet! And we've only been in Meridell for three days..." I pleaded, helping to get the gameboard right-side up again. I sighed at the determined look of my big brother. He may look defenseless, but when Lance got that expression on his face, there was no use arguing.

We left the cells, Lance keeping a close eye on me as if I would run off suddenly. I did look back longingly once, but I didn't want to risk getting my tail bitten again. We met up with Silverwolf, Lyric, and Yanna Shu in the market, the others looking at me curiously as to why I seemed so dejected. But they didn't say anything.

On the way to the Lost Desert, and after talking with my lupe sister, the bard Lyric Obscurus, I composed this little poem to commemorate her stay at Meridell. I hope you like it. Lyric wouldn't say whether it was good or not, even if Lance and Yanna Shu said it was pretty good. It is my first poem... Anyway, here it is:

Tyixen's Ode to Cellblock

Cellblock is the only game I know
That is ultimate tic-tac-toe
I cannot stop playing this game
Please forgive me if I forget my name
For every single place I look
I see the brilliant moves my opponent took
Don't even try to save me
No number of losses will phaze me
I'll keep playing 'til I win
Even if it means I lose times one-hundred-ten
I just wish I could find a way to hex
The wits out of that annoying Master Vex

I just hope the Lost Desert doesn't have any really fun games that I'll get lost in.


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