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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: yUtaR0
Owner: koukou_izuto
Breed: Ixi

About yUtaR0:
At a day like any other, a Ixi stared at the sky from a windowsill. That little Yutaro loved to dream while the clouds in the sky carried them to the heavens.

He didn’t notice that he was falling asleep. Then his dream went off, soaring with the clouds.

The Ixi yawned and opened his eyes as the breeze kissed his cheeks. In his surprise he was up in the sky, no wings were there to carry him.

He scurried to the nearest cloud to prevent himself from falling. There he saw the Air faerie smiling at the him.

“Help me!” said Yutaro. However, all the faerie did was carry the frightened Ixi and dropped him off the cloud.

“AAAAGH!” he was falling fast to what looked like the Battledome and right before he splashed below, he stopped and was floating off the ground. “Oh my stars” he said in disbelief, he was face front with Balthazar. “I’m not ready to battle! The Air faerie dropped me off by accident!” Balthazar then swooshed right through Yutaro as he ran head first towards a Garrl opponent.

He scurried off and panted as he threatened under his breath “I’ll get you someday.” And walked out of the Battledome.

“I must be dreaming” he thought walking to Neopia Central. I’ll just take a quick look at the new sales in the Book Shop. Yutaro over heard something as an Aisha walked in “Out of stock, come back after a few minutes.” He sighed and looked out the window where a gleaming trophy stood and read The Neopian Book award. “I may not be as smart as a lot of the Neopets with that award, but I still have my wits!” he walked away.

He felt awfully down. “This dream doesn’t seem like a very happy one” he sighed. “I wonder where my master is, she’s usually here with games to conquer, or a book she brought for me to read.” He stood up to walk to the games room when gravity was against him. “Oh no! Not again!”

He flew up in the sky as he held on to a cloud. “Grr, if I find that faerie I’ll have a bone to pick with her.” His fear got the better of him, he wanted to go home, play with his plushies, look for his master; he started to weep. “I want this dream to end”

A Lenny was flying by with his baby Lenny “Look son,” He said “it’s the Faerieland.” Yutaro took a glimpse for himself, not noticing before that he was cruising Neopia. “It’s beautiful” he thought as he took on the majestic sight. The wind blew strong again, and as felt the humidity he knew he was headed for the Lost Dessert. Things started to slow down as he the cloud beneath him disappeared. “The Coltzan’s Shrine…” he gasped.

He slowly fell in front of the Shrine. “What may I do for you?” he spoke. Yutaro humbly bowed before the shrine. “I want to go home.” he whimpered. “I can not do that for you.”

“But, why not?” Yutaro protested.

“One must realize the value that one possesses. This dream you are in is a mirror of what you want. Tell me what you saw.”

“I flew to the clouds and was dropped by a faerie. I saw the Battledome and was almost trampled by Balthazar. I strolled to the bookstore and found nothing for me. I felt alone, I want my master, there’s nothing in this dream for me.” He paused, and started to smile “And yet, I also flew across Neopia and saw that it was spectacular. For once I wasn’t afraid. There are lots more to see and explore, and I knew that fear is something brought upon myself.”

“Good.” The Coltzan smiled “You see? The world that you now dwell on features that you yearn for strength to take on your enemies with the wits to be one-step ahead of them, then venture on to face the world with determination.” There was a pause of insight as a glow surrounded the young Neopet. “Now, I think it’s time for you to awaken.”

Yutaro yawned as he felt the sun’s rays awaken him. He looked around and saw his home. His Aisha plushie was right beside him and his petpet Snowy hopped towards Yutaro to be cuddled. “It’s good to be back home.”

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