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Pet Spotlight

Submit your pet to the Pet Spotlight!

- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: blues988
Owner: marianne364
Breed: Flotsam

About blues988:
As you step in from the trees on to the Mystery Island beach, you hear a great splashing sound as something resembling a plush toy shoots out of the turquoise sea water. You take another look wondering why there would be a plush toy swimming in water.

Giving the spot another confused look, you see the plushie jumping out again from the water. Startled by it’s resemblance with a flotsam, you ask out loud “What in neopia is THAT?” as it dives back into the sea.

Again, the plush toy splashes out of the water, but this time, somehow manages to make his way on to the shore. Still shocked by the fact that it could walk on sand, you hear it say “I’m Blues988, the plushie flotsam! And I’m a GIRL by the way…”

Still staring at you, waiting for a response, she says “I’m not dangerous you know…” and adds sarcastically “those plushie fins of mine can REALLY hurt someone…”

Recovering from the shock of seeing a plushie flotsam come out of the water and make sarcastic remarks, you say “I’m sorry…I’ve never seen one of your species before…could you please tell me a bit about plushie flotsams?”.

Glad that you finally managed to say something, you answer “Well, plushie Flotsams don’t really have a great history. But maybe people will be inspired to create more if I win the Pet Spotlight.”

-“Win the what?” you ask.

-“The Pet Spotlight. It’s a contest where a pet is displayed for a certain time, and all of Neopia can get to see him or her.”

-“Oh. Well, can I do anything to help you win?” you asked with a friendly tone.

-“You sure can! First of all, tell me why I’m such an original pet.”


-“Oh, that’s such a difficult thing to say…” Blues says sarcastically.

-“Oh! You’re sarcastic, that’s for sure! And now that I think of it, you seem to be one of a kind! And you swim really well. And, if I may say so myself, you’re quite a pretty pet.”

-“Glad you think so. And thanks, by the way. Would you like to meet my brothers? Yes, I know, I’m the ONLY girl out of us four. That’s probably why I don’t seem to be so girly, being around boys all the time.”

-“Uh, sure, I’d love to meet your brothers.” You answer as her squishy hand grabs yours and pulls you towards the north side of the beach.

A few minutes later, you arrive in front of a Werelupe, a Chokato Chia and an Orange Grundo. “Odd mix” you accidentally say out loud, covering your mouth with our hand.

-“Yeah, I know. We’re not really a normal family.” The Chokato chia says shyly. “I’m Yelly312 by the way, but just call me Yelly.” He adds quickly.

-“I’m Foreange” says the orange grundo, with a bit more confidence. “And I’m from Kreludor!” he adds patriotically.

-“And I…” says the Werelupe, pushing the others over “…am Acralus.”

-“Err, I’m very pleased to meet you all.” You say politely. “Your sister told me she wanted to win the Pet Spotlight, what did you three do to help her win?”

-“I made each member of the neopets team a lovely chokato cupcake” says Yelly, seeming rather proud of himself.”

-“Well, I bribed them with rare kreludan books…” says Foreange.

-“Bah, you all have weird ways” says Acralus. “I simply threatened the judges that I’d bite them if they didn’t let Blues win”.

-“They didn’t REALLY help” says Blues, turning to you. “You’re the one that probably helped the most by telling me what I was like. Maybe the judges will like my personality.”

Suddenly, you hear a loud scream and you both turn around quickly. A spaceship had landed right behind them, and out of it came Dr. Sloth. Yelly and Foreange had gone to hide in the jungle and Acralus was trying to bite Sloth. Unfortunately, Sloth sent one of his grundo guards on him and Acralus was tied up in no time.

-“I’ve come to take over Mystery Island” says Sloth, as if he really believed that it would work. “Move away puny inhabitants of Neopia, and let me get the job done.”

Suddenly unable to overcome your fear, you run to the nearest part of the forest and watch the scene through the trees. You hear some frightened whispering behind you, and realize that Yelly and Foreange were just a tree away. You quickly tell them to come over. After making sure the two of them were alright, you turn around to watch the scene.

Blues had already knocked down and tied up five of Sloth’s guards, and was making her way towards the sixth. Apparently, the guards seemed to think that she was just some puny stuffed toy, when she was in fact a well-trained plushie Flotsam. The sixth was down, and only one was left standing. Suddenly scared of being knocked down too, he ran cowardly towards the south part of the beach.

-“Coward!” Sloth cried at him at the moment where Blues knocked him down and tied him up, along with the others.

When you had decided it was safe enough to come out, the three of you made their way towards the untied Acralus, the tired Blues and the tied up Sloth with his knocked out guards.

-“We’re sorry” screamed Yelly and Foreange, running towards their sister. “We should’ve helped you; this really proves that you should win the Pet Spotlight, with all that bravery and the awesome moves. You were able to take down seven Sloth guards and then Sloth himself!”

-“It’s okay” said Blues comprehensively.

-“I’m sorry for threatening the judges” said Acralus, painfully getting up. “You’re right; it’s not the right way to go at it. But this might be” he added as Yelly, Foreange and him turn around towards the judges.

-“Please let Blues win, she’s the best! She’s sarcastic, pretty, smart, a good swimmer and she can beat sloth and his seven guards!” they cried at the judges.

-“You’re right…she is good” admitted Sloth.

Thinking your work here was done, you say goodbye to Blues, Yelly, Foreange, Acralus, and even to Sloth, and made your way back home.

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