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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: BlackNarcissus
Owner: tashni
Breed: Krawk

About BlackNarcissus:
Krawks are probably the most sought-after PetPets in Neopia because they can turn into Krawk Neopets. But did you ever think that maybe the PetPet should be able to make the choice instead of his owner? I myself was once a PetPet who didn’t want to transform. My name is BlackNarcissus, and I’m a Neopet by choice.

Oh, wait, for you to understand just who I am and what I do with my life, you should know something about my early life. My first several owners were all traders, the first bought me when I was only a few days old. I was bought and sold many times, and each new owner did little to care for me. That was a horrible time, and I knew that soon I would be forced into becoming a Neopet, even though I didn’t want to. Eventually, Tashni bought me and gave me to Nokura, her blue Shoyru. Thankfully, Nokura and Tashni were good owners and didn’t force me to become a Neopet. The choice was left to me and I was never going to grow up!

I mean really, why would I want to be anything other than a PetPet? I got free food, a warm bed, lots of toys and never-ending affection. Nokura and her brothers all had to work for everything they had, from watching over the stockmarket to running around for Jhudora’s Quests, they were all constantly on the go! I had it made.

My owner, Nokura, was the busiest of all of them. She wanted a Disco Fever Paint Brush so bad she could taste it, and worked every day all day for Neopoints to buy one. What confused me most was that Tashni, the human of our family, had offered to buy her a Paint Brush for Shoyru Day, and Nokura actually refused! Nokura worked for six months before she was finally able to buy a Disco Paint Brush. We all went as a family with Nokura to the Rainbow Pool.

I know you’re probably wondering, “ Hey, isn’t this Pet Spotlight about BlackNarcissus the Krawk, not Nokura the Shoyru?” You’re quite right, and I’ll get to the point of all of this, I promise.

You see, the question of why was still on my mind. Why would Nokura choose to work so long to be able to painted? After she finished and displayed her neon colors for all of us, I finally asked her. “Nokura, why are you so happy to work all the time? Tashni said she’d buy you the Paint Brush for Shoyru Day if you wanted.”

“Well, Little Nar,” she said and patted my head, “it’s like this. When you work hard for something, it’s so much sweeter.”


“If Tash had bought me the PB, I would have been happy to be a Disco Pet. But because I’ve worked very hard for it, I’ll be happy and I’ll appreciate it. Understand?”

That hadn’t occurred to me before. Yes, I was a very happy PetPet. I had a family who loved me and I had many nice things, but none of them were really mine. They were all from Nokura or Tashni or even Zaf or Shoonie. As we walked back to our Neohome, I came to a conclusion. I tapped on Nokura’s tail and she looked down at me. “Nokura, I want to be a Neopet.”

She was very startled. “Really? Where did that come from? Are you sure?”

“What you said is true, Nokura, and I want to earn things too. I want to grow up.”

So, you see, Nokura’s hard work ended up meaning more to me than even to her! Next week everyone took me to the Fungus Cave. It was cold and slimy and it smelled bad, but I’d made up my mind. I took only a bite of the bitter fungus and my body began to change, I was getting taller! I remember everything looked so much smaller after I transformed—I was even taller than Nokura! As we left, I saw a Neopian human walk in with a scared Krawk PetPet in her arms. The human grabbed a piece of fungus off the cave wall and stuffed it into the Krawk’s mouth. The little thing squeaked in shock as its body transformed. It had been forced to transform. This made me very angry, but I didn’t know what to do!

Over the next few days, I kept thinking about that poor Krawk who wasn’t nearly as lucky as me. I decided that I would work hard to earn for Kawk PetPets what they couldn’t earn for themselves—the right to chose! I began telling everyone I met about the abuse some Krawks endure. I’m currently working on my pet page with Tashni to make an information page about Krawk rights, and right now, I’m telling all of you about my story!

Thanks for listening to my story, and I hope I’ve inspired you to look at Krawk PetPets as something more than a baby Neopet.

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