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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Aoshi__Shinomori
Owner: princessandtoby
Breed: Cybunny

About Aoshi__Shinomori:
Hey there! Are you ready to learn about the story of my life? Right now I may look like a beautiful faerie cybunny, but believe me, I was never this glamorous before! Anyway, this is how it all happened...

I used to be an average blue cybunny. And just as boring as can be! I had a horrible owner who created me on cybunny day, thinking it would be cool to have a limited edition pet. He even gave me a floud petpet! I thought he would take good care of me since I was such a rare species, but I was way wrong!!

He quickly got bored of me and stuck me in the pound after I got neomonia. Luckily, he forgot to remove my petpet. It was horrible there!! It was dark and lonely, and it seemed like no one wanted me since I was so plain and sick. All I had was my little floud! Everyone who visited the pound seemed to only want painted pets!

I was there for days, and beginning to lose hope that I'd ever find a new owner, when suddenly a new person arrived at the pound! Her username was princessandtoby. She asked the pink uni at the front desk if we had any cybunnys, and that's when she discovered me! She saw me, and even though I was sick, thought I was adorable and quickly adopted me.

We went back to her neohome and she bought me some new plushies and toys. She cured me of neomonia and bought me codestones to make me stronger. I told her about how much I loved to read, so we decided to visit faerieland to visit their bookstore. Yet did we know, we were in for a huge surprise!

When we arrived at faerieland, we saw the words, "Something Has Happened!" We found something on the floor! She picked it up and we could'nt beieve what it was! It was a faerie paintbrush! I had always dreamed about flying and becoming faerie, so she decided to use it on me!!

We quickly left towards neopia and I jumped into the rainbow pool. It was a beautiful pool filled with many different colors swirled around together. I looked around and saw many other painted pets splashing around. There was a christmas bruce, spotted gelert, rainbow kacheek, and more swimming happily. I couldnt wait to become just like them!

My owner pulled the paintbrush out of her inventory, and began brushing layers of it all over me. Soon I began to feel a tingling sensation, as I felt myself growing wings! I glanced down at my reflection in the water, as I became a faerie cybunny. I was turning a light purple color with different shades of blue and pink. But that wasnt even the best part, I finally had wings!

I jumped for joy and couldnt wait to show off my new look to all the other neopians. They would be so jealous! My owner looked so happy too! She would'nt stop smiling and I knew she was thinking the same thing. She wanted to show me off to all her neofriends!

We decided to celebrate at my favorite shop. The health food shop! We were greeted by a friendly quiggle as I bought some carrots to eat. Then my owner had a great idea. She said she will enter me into the beauty contest now that I'm so beautiful!

My owner ran over to the neopian bazaar (I flew) and we entered Uni's Clothing. She picked me out a shiny tiara and scarf along with some pink blush. I felt pretty embarrased since I'm a male neopet. I argued and said I refuse to enter, but I some how ended up getting dressed up and entered anyway.

We finally got the results of the winner and it was... not me! My owner seemed pretty upset after all that work, but I have to admit I was glad I didnt win! I'd hate all my friends to see me look like a girl in that contest! "Oh well, maybe next time!" she says cheerfully. Oh no! I guess there are flaws to being painted...

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