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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: lhorvae
Owner: revenga_
Breed: Koi

About lhorvae:
“Hello my friends, I am the great Lhorvae. My life started in a luxurious state; I was beautiful. So suddenly it seemed, my elegance collapsed underneath me in the tragic demise known as transmogrification. What am I now? I am amazing. Flawless. Care to disagree? I am the only one who can decide my destiny, and I refuse to be labeled by society as a ‘mutant’. I am Lhorvae, a wondrous creature, not a freak, not a mutant; just...Lhorvae.
I remember my birth well. For a diminutive week of my life I was a tall handsome Peophin. My peers admired me; they worshiped me. It seemed that nothing could hold me back from perfection.
Then a day came when I let my perfection slip through my grasp. I was depressed, even in such amazing beauty I could not accept myself. After all, I was poor. I was so common, a simple red neopet. I disgusted myself. Day after day I would look down the street and see the most illustrious array of neopets, being showered in admiration from their peers. How on earth could I not be jealous looking at the same version of me, only better? I began to grow desperate. I needed to change... I needed to get a paint brush.
I commenced my search for a paint brush, searching high and low, working and striving to save enough money. Try as I might, I continued to fail. I grew so bitter and sick of being common that I gave in to my last resort.
After all...transmogrification was a cheap process. All I needed was the potion. I snuck out of the house that night, and took a ferry to Mystery Island. The Island was not new to me; I had traveled there before. Nevertheless, I was scared. I was terrified of consequences. *sigh* I was on a mission though.
I walked through 3 miles of thick jungle until I found it. The Trading Post was an extraordinary place. It did look different at night...standing there...empty...and cast in darkness. Upon entering, I noticed scarce amounts of trading. The room was filled with only a few lonely sellers, none of which looked overly promising.
I ambled along, hoping to find something...anything... that would help me. My pockets were rattling with the few coins I possessed, when I saw it. Gleaming on a table across the room was a tiny bottle. Its ambience drew me to it; and before I knew it I was standing face to face with the potion that would change my life. I asked the seller what it was.
The hooded figure selling the potion inclined their head toward me. I would have been scared, but there was an aroma, a lovely soft scent lifting from the potion and around me. It immersed me with longing…I had to have it. The seller showed me a tag on the potion. It was only 190, 000 neopoints. I automatically started fishing coins from my pockets, when the figure selling my desire raised their hand to stop me.
The figure uttered a stale warning, but my ears were not listening. Had I been a smarter pet, I may have taken that warning to heart, but I was too keen to be beautiful.
Once I had the potion in my possession, I hid it away and ran home. It was beginning to get light outside. When I was safely back in my bedroom I took the small bottle out and examined it. It looked simpler now, less appealing and less desirable. I uncorked it carefully, not wanting to waste a drop. My life earnings had been invested in this concoction and I was going to enjoy it to the end. Before I indulged, I closed my eyes and dreamt for a moment of what my life was about to become. I would be dazzling, I told myself, and all of Neopia will worship me. I brought the flask to my lips and drank. Upon drinking the potion I began to feel queasy. I collapsed onto my bed, shaking from shock. Soon, my world went black as I drifted into a deep sleep.
Morning came, and I awoke slowly. My head was pounding slightly. Suddenly I remembered, I got up and ran to the mirror, ready to gasp in amazement. Well, I did gasp.
My jaw dropped in absolute disgust and I began to scream. I was hideous; a horrid mutilated shaped stared back at me in that mirror, it couldn’t be true, it couldn’t be me.
I fell backwards onto the floor, sobbing in mortification. My owner ran in, and in utter disbelief he stood there. He stood and stared, and then he came to me. He picked me up, and wiped away my tears. From that moment on, I knew I was beautiful.
Since that day, I went through many ups and downs in my life. Some days I felt I dominated the world; others I refused to leave the house. Around Neopia people looked at me in disgust. My only consolation was the love of my owner, and that love was enough to sustain me.
Over time, my self esteem rose. I stopped caring about people’s opinions of me, and instead concentrated on pursuing other goals. I began to travel the world, touring different climates and societies. Soon I learned to love life, the world, and myself. I was the happiest pet in all of Neopia, and nobody could slow me down.
My attitude towards life has set an example, whether to people, neopets, or even the smallest petpet, I have shown the world how to be great. Greatness is not defined my money, complexion or fame. Greatness is acceptance, and hopefully with my aid society can begin to realize that."

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