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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Shandinso
Owner: desren
Breed: Yurble

About Shandinso:
It's a busy day in Neopia Central, as pets and their owners enjoy the bright sunshine and a chance to do some shopping. You whistle cheerfully as you come out of the petpet shop and look around to see what's going on. Not all is well it seems, as a crowd is gathering by the Rainbow Pool and there appears to be quite a commotion going on there. You try to move closer to see what's happening, but there are too many people in the way. A Lupe moves over to get away from a Kacheek's poking elbow, and suddenly the way is clear. You dart through the gap, and somehow make it to the front row. The source of the trouble is made clear as you see a red Yurble at the center of the crowd, all by himself, chanting something and waving a sign.

"CUDDLES NOT CUDGELS!! CUDDLES NOT CUDGELS!! CUDDLES NOT CUDGELS," the Yurble yells, over and over again. The same slogan is repeated on his sign in blue and black paint. Whatever his plan is, it seems to be working, as the number of people continues to grow. It's starting to get a little claustrophobic actually, and there are an awful lot of people pressing at your back, all trying to see what's going on. You start to think about leaving, and other people are doing the same. Just as the crowd starts to get restless, deciding that nothing else will happen and that they have better things to do, the Yurble stops his solitary march and plants his sign in the ground, next to a small wooden crate. Nimbly, he leaps atop the crate and raises his paws to the sky.

"Welcome my friends," he calls out excitedly. He's got quite a pair of lungs, perfect for making his words reach everyone, even those poor pets stuck at the back of the crowd. "Welcome! My name is Shandinso, but you can all call me Shanny. Thank you all so much for coming to listen to me, I have something important I want to tell you all!" He lowers his arms and looks intently into the eyes of those nearest him. Looking directly at you, he begins his speech.

"There aren't many of us Yurbles around," he says, his voice loud enough for everyone to hear, but not shouting, "and while some pets may have very famous representatives, like Hannah, or Nabile, or Tomos, we Yurbles do not," he says sadly, turning to address more of the crowd. "Many of you are familiar with Foreman Bob, from the Scroll Repository in Sakhmet, I am sure," and a grumbling assent greets his words. No one likes Foreman Bob very much, and you remember that he shouts a lot and isn't very friendly. "Now, I know many of you probably don't like him, and I can understand why. But it's hard work trying to organize people to unbury a pyramid you know! I would like to see even the most kind-hearted Gelert try to keep their temper when everything seems to be going wrong at once! You see, we Yurbles aren't all grumpy and really, we don't love to shout at people and threaten them with cudgels. We would rather threaten them - with CUDDLES!" A few people chuckle at the play on words, and listen curiously to what the Yurble says next.

Shanny smiles and points to his sign. "That's why I'm trying to start a movement, Cuddles Not Cudgels, to show everyone in Neopia that we Yurbles aren't so bad, and that we shouldn't judge a whole group of pets based on one individual. So please, next time you see a Yurble? Don't ask them where their cudgel is, or cross the street to avoid them. Give them a hug instead!" Shanny smiles again, and looking around for support, shouts triumphantly, "CUDDLES NOT CUDGELS!! CUDDLES NOT CUDGELS!!" No one joins in at first, unsure whether they want to lend their voices to the cry. But you don't stay quiet. The next time, both of you are shouting, "CUDDELS NOT CUDGELS!!" The young Unis next to you join in as well, and soon the whole crowd is shouting, "CUDDLES NOT CUDGELS!!"

Shandinso is surprised at how well his speech worked, and as the first to join him, he offers you a hug with open arms. You step forward and lift him off the crate, to discover that Yurbles really are quite the cuddliest things in all Neopia.

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