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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Tribunnie
Owner: o0ragamuffin0o
Breed: Cybunny

About Tribunnie:
"Where have you been?" A rock seems to be talking; until you see two purple fuzzy ears peek out from the side. "Are you alone?" A Cybunny hops out from behind the rock, looking around cautiously. After making sure that no one else is around, he clears his throat. "My name's Nie, and um, I guess this means I won the pet spotlight." He grins sheepishly and continues, "So, I've decided to take this opportunity to discuss a growing problem here in Neopia."

Nie closes his eyes and sighs, "You see... there are certain things in Neopia that are not safe. Like... ghosts!" He shudders, "Have you seen them? They're all over the place! And it's all because of things like this!" He pulls out a piece of paper from a large backpack sitting behind him. On it, scribbled in crayon, is a picture of a Halloween Paint Brush. "Just painting your pet with this will instantly turn them into a horrible monster! Like a mummy or a skeleton! Why anyone would want to do such a thing to their pet, I'll never understand." He shakes his head back and forth.

"And then there's this!" He brings an orange Chia pop out from the backpack, "No, don't worry, it's not magical. But the ones that are magical; don't feed them to your Chia!" His eyes widen, "It'll turn them into... food! How awful! And creepy looking too. Have you ever seen an Asparagus Chia? They're the most horrible, scary things I've ever seen!" He tosses the Chia pop over to the side.

"But it isn't just scary things you can do to your pet, there are also scary places." He pauses, knowing what you're thinking, "No, not the Haunted Woods. That place doesn't exist. It's all a conspiracy thought up by all the Halloween pets and food Chias." He nods, "Yes, the place I'm talking about is very real. I've been there myself one horrible day..." His eyes glaze over as he stares at something over your shoulder. A few awkward moments pass, and you finally pick up the fallen Chia pop and throw it at his head. This seems to knock him back into this world, "Hey! What? Oh sorry, anyway, yes. This horrible, awful, place is none other than... Faerie Land!"

What? Ok, this poor Cybunny, he really is crazy. "No! No, it's true! I mean, have you ever taken a close look at Faerie Land? At the faeries that run the place?" He brings out another crayon drawing, this time of the Faerie Queen, Fyora. "Look closely, do you see?" You shake your head, wondering what he could possible think was wrong with her. "Right there! The ears... they're pointy! She's a vampire! They're all vampires!"

The Cybunny, who you've decided is way too crazy and should really see about getting some help, brings out another picture, this time a photo. It looks like a picture of a mirror, taken from outside, at an angle, while it was raining. "See this picture? I took it myself. It's a picture of Fyora looking into a mirror! But see, no reflection! That defiantly means that she and all the other faeries are evil vampires bent on world destruction!"

He once again pulls another thing out from the backpack, a book. How much stuff is this Cybunny hiding? He opens the book and starts flipping pages, "This is the unedited first edition of the Book of Evil! See, it lists all of the evil people here in Neopia. The one you've probably read has been edited though. There's one entry missing that only I know of." He stops flipping the pages and turns the book to face you. On the page is a picture of a faerie. "This is proof! Right here, it says 'Faeries are actually vampires in disguise and should not be trusted!' But before this book was released, the faeries intercepted it and took this page out." He closes the book; right before you can point out that it looks like that page had been stapled in. In fact, it looked very similar to the rest of his drawings.

"Well, it was nice meeting you!" Nie smiles brightly, "Remember, stay out of the dark... and don't drink the water at the Healing Springs!" He waves goodbye and hops away quickly, taking the time to not step on any cracks that are in the ground.

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