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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Brey_clone_2
Owner: retyuoligkl
Breed: Shoyru

About Brey_clone_2:

Brey 2 laughs as he looks at his new evil plan.
"This time" He scoffs, “my plans shall not fail!" Brey2 is BAD and I have proof! The most obvious reason is because Dr. Sloth created him. Ahh yes Brey 2's creation... it was back a looooong time ago...

"CHRIS! CAN WE GO TO THE SPACE STATION!!!" Aishivous shouted. "okay" I said. It was a typical day, me, Kyroushes, and Aishivous were about to go to the space station (Aishivous really likes those spiced apple pies!) and everything was normal. As we arrived we heard a familiar voice screaming. It was Jack, or for those who don’t know Jtangen. We saw immediately why he was shouting. He was running-not being chased but chasing someone else - no! 2 people! We saw that it was sloth and one of his evil grundo minions! In the grundos hands were a baby! That’s how we found out what was going on! Brey jacks tiny pet had been stolen! Nitch, and Dragion were running after him too. They were heading for sloth’s evil headquarters and we saw that we could cut sloth off! 2 Grundo workers had placed a pole in the hallway that the chase was going on. Kyroushes was first to notice, pushing down the pole with all his might.
The grundo minion was in front of sloth and the pole on the floor caused him to lose his balance and he tumbled forward! Sloth did not of course and snatched brey out of the trembling hands of his minion! But sloth was surrounded! The grundo minion quickly picked himself up and motioned for sloth to pass brey! He did so, and now with brey again in the hands of the evil grundo started to cry. All of us headed for the grundo and dragion got to him first. Although draigon loves peace if a family member is in trouble-you wont wanna mess with her. The tackle caused the grundo to throw brey. Sloth caught him and quickly went for the lab. It was too late! A horrible ZAP and glowing green light and sloth ran out. We went inside. Brey was fine-except there was someone next to him. It was another shourou! The same exact thing like brey but brey was a baby. It was unchonches and sitting next to a cloning machine so that’s why his name is--- BREY CLONE 2!
He was a minion of sloth. Knowing this brey2 wanted to be as evil as possible... so look out Neopia, there’s a new sloth in town!

Brey had a horrible nature of doing bad things, but the second brey doubled in badness! Every day and every night he did not sleep, he did not fight. He did nothing but made horrible schemes so horrible they could almost put sloth to shame! I can remember one of his schemes that was so bad it still haunts me to this day!

Brey 2 was bad there was no mistaking it but I never thought he was capable of doing this one thing! It was a Monday night-or was it Tuesday? No Wednesday-NO THURSDAY... ARGH! Okay one night… while I was sleeping he snuck into my room and teleported me to the dimension of nothingness... of course I got out but I still don't understand how or way he made and or did that! I mean he has a laser gun... well a rainbow gun, but a teleporter!!! How did he make that??? And he created a new dimension too! So every night I sleep with my eyes open... just in case he does it again-or worse! What if he made something new??? I'm scared...

Wow! Thinking back to all this will give me nightmares... Call me a baby! But we'll see how you act when your pet turns evil and comes in your room at night attempting to murder you!!!
But nevertheless I love him. =)

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