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Pet Spotlight

Submit your pet to the Pet Spotlight!

- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Technacallity
Owner: humansin
Breed: Kyrii

About Technacallity:
You shift uncomfortably in your seat as the curtains for the final nomination plea for the Pet Spotlight entries ends and the Yellow Wocky in question leaves the stage to a polite applause. Yawning slightly, you clap politely also and follow the audience out for a Half-Hour Barbeque Break while the Judges decide the winner.

As you step out, you feel a polite tap on your shoulder and turn to see a rather tall female mutant Kyrii, rather roughish in appearance. Her venomous purple eyes gaze over you as you examine – jaw hanging open in a rather unattractive fashion, mind you – at the odd black and dark purple head wings which she had folded down.

“Staring’s not very nice, you know. I just thought I’d tell you that thinking about how boring an hour’s presentation on the joyous adventure of a wocky buying their petpet at the corner store isn’t very nice. You don’t know –who- else is reading your thoughts.” She smirked slightly, sarcasm clear in her voice. You think to yourself how could she have possibly known what you were thinking when a small giggle emitted from her immediate direction. She looked up at you and grinned.

“Well, if you didn’t think your thoughts so loud I wouldn’t have the urge to read them, would I?” Slightly angered by her rudeness and odd intrusion of your thoughts ((and, also still wondering how she did it in the first place )) you stalk off towards the Barbeque Lunch Service line.

“HEY, WAIT!” She yells after you, causing your head to turn back in her direction. The kyrii grinned sinisterly and slided up beside you, large wolven-like clawed hands crossed confidently.

“If you’re looking for an interesting story, I’ll tell you one. You found my head wings peculiar, right? Well, lemme just tell you now that I’m a Succubus Hybrid, so they’re normal for my kind.” You gasp and step back. She laughs.

“Aww, I wouldn’t dream of stealing your soul anyway. Souls are rather disgusting in my opinion anyway. Besides, too many witnesses.” Ignoring your rude replying glare completely, the Kyrii reached up into her hair and petted the small thing nestled in there. On further inspection, you noticed it was a pile of soot.

“Anyway, if you’re still interested in that story, I suppose I could share one with you. Maybe you’d like to know more about me?” She grinned as if she already knew the answer. You wanted to question her more about her odd head wings and why, if she was a succubus, she didn’t have normal wings? Rather odd how, even though she was a hybrid, she didn’t have a trace of back wings. Before you could ask, she turns to you and grins once more.

“Oh, I don’t like having my first set of wings out at all unless I need them. Arouses too much attention.” You narrow your eyes and cross your arms, pouting. It was disturbing enough that she could read thoughts, yet alone her invading your own.

“Oooh, look! A nice patch of shade! C’mon, let’s sit there. We still have a good 20 minutes.” She closes her eyes contently as she seats herself and crosses her legs, basking in the cool shade.

“Okay, let’s see…,” She ponders for a moment, patting the pile of soot petpet on her head. “Oh, yeah! You probably don’t know this, but my name’s Technacallity, Tech for short.. I totally forgot to tell you before!” She laughed heartily.

“Anyway, being a hybrid, I’m half Succubus and half Wolven-Kyrii. However, I’m not as broad and muscular as my clansmen because of my ‘Cubi blood, so that’s pretty much where I get my main physical appearance from. Minus the head wings, of course. But aside from that, thanks to the generic trait which allows the famous technological knowledge and mastery of my clan to be passed on to each generation -- I’m a mechanical genius. Who do you think built the Laboratory Ray? That old scorchio?” She laughed again, clapping her hands together in enjoyment. “That old geezer can’t even build the simplest of toy mechanics. And, he can’t even set the frequencies on the ray right, hence why all the zaps are entirely random. AND he won’t even let me help him with it anymore anyway. He’s embarrassed about it.” You stare at her for a moment, unsure if Tech was being entirely truthful.

“Aww, could you question anything from someone with a face like this?” She batted her eyelids in a sarcastic attempt to convince you she was being truthful.

“Oh well, I suppose the Lab Ray wasn’t a very big achievement, in a sense. We better go follow the others back in now.” She made a motion towards the Pet Spotlight Hall Doors as some stragglers were making their way in. You nod as she hops to her feet and helps you up.

“Okay, let’s go see if that little wocky character won, huh? You’re always invited to come and visit me at my lab – if you’re interested in seeing my inventions, that is. Maybe next time I can tell you what happened to poor Wires here.” She giggled and motioned up to the pile of soot on her head, head wings twitching slightly.

“Y’know, maybe one day I’ll enter one of these ‘ere Pet Spotlights – just so I can bore a crowd with some over-dramatized story of the insanely evil experiments I carry out on my poor enslaved petpet, Wires. HEY, don’t look at me like that! Hey, don’t run away! I was kidding!” You laugh quietly to yourself as you dash away from the Kyrii playfully to nab your seat before someone else took the liberty to steal it.

What an odd little kyrii. Maybe one day you’d take up that offer and visit her in her lab. Maybe convince her that it might not be such a bad idea to try pet Spotlight.

You never know, she may actually win.

Note : No petpets were harmed in the making of this Spotlight. None, I swear! -shifty eyes-

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