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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Robo_Dodo
Owner: jamice_muff_muff
Breed: Lupe

About Robo_Dodo:
“I’m going out for tea!” Robo, a skunk Lupe, called over his shoulder as he made his way toward the door.
“Right now? D’you have to? Please stay!” Cristina begs, her eyes wandering from the Lupe to the torrential downpours outside, “It’s raining, brother. Please stay home!”
The Aisha hugged her brother, and Robo smiled.
“I won’t be long, I promise.” Robo slipped out the door into the rain. Cristina waves sadly out the window.
Once safely away from his house, Robo streaked down a nearby alley. He sat beside a trashcan for a while, still as a statue, waiting. Finally, two Lupes appeared at the end of the alley, an orange and pink. Robo stepped out from behind the trashcan and walks toward the new visitors.
“Hello Bryce. Hello Lilac.”
Lilac steps forward, her rose-colored eyes shining against her drenched fur. “Hello Robo, Bryce and I are late, we know. C’mon, we’ve got time.” Her voice is soft and gentle, making Robo’s ears twitch in delight.
Robo nods. The trio trotted out of the alley and stop at a local pizza parlor. As they wait for the manager to come out with leftovers, the three Lupes gaze at the stormy skies.
The rain is coming down hard, but the Lupes don’t mind it. The swirling, grey clouds seem to sneer and scowl at the Neopians, as though willing them to stop it. Busses splash past grimy stores and Neopets of every species and color scurry out of shops to find shelter from the rain.
Robo’s usually glossy fur is soaked and caked with mud and grime, weighing him down slightly. His snout is flecked with dirt and rainwater, which he licks away every few seconds. He is patient, sitting stock-still next to his two friends.
Finally, the Lupes’ patience pays off; a small, blue Grundo chef totters out of the pizza store with a plate loaded with burnt crusts and overdone cheeses. He gently sets the plate in front of the door and bows his way back inside.
The Lupes rush over and feast upon the leftovers hungrily. Suddenly, a crack of thunder and flash of lightning split through the sky. Robo lifts his cheese-covered muzzle to the sky, suddenly nervous.
“What’s the matter?” Bryce asks distractedly, watching Lilac finish off the rest of the pizza crumbs with a hungry look in his eye.
“Nothing…” Robo whispered, but he knew he was lying and it hurt him. “Actually, guys, I have a confession to make.”
Lilac lifts her head interestedly. “What is it?”
Robo hesitates.
“You can tell us!” Bryce said, casting a sideways glance at Robo.
“Well…” Robo began, “I’m… Oh, alright! I’m not really a stray!”
The two Lupes were silent. Suddenly, they look angry.
“You lied to us?!” Lilac snarled, her teeth bared.
“We shared our food with an adopted pet?!” cried Bryce outraged.
“I’m sorry, I used to be a stray, but I was adopted and I was afraid to tell you because I thought you wouldn’t be my friends, but now…” Robo trailed off hopelessly.
“I can’t believe it!” Lilac cried, “I don’t believe it! Robo, I don’t want to be friends anymo-“
But that’s all she had time to say, because suddenly, she was scooped into the arms of a beaming man, who then lifted Bryce.
“I’ve been looking for Lupes! I bet you’ve been looking for a home!” he booms, smiling at the two Lupes, “Come on, let’s get you two fed and bathed, I bet your dying!”
He turned his back on Robo and started to march down the street.
Suddenly, Lilac called, “Thanks, Robo! We’ll meet you behind the dumpster on Friday!”
Robo smiled as his two friends walked obediently at their new master’s heels, smiling as they went. The last thing Robo saw was their long tails swishing into the sunset, for the rain had stopped and clouds had parted.
As Robo walked home, he wondered how his two friends had found an owner so easily. He couldn’t have done it himself if he was stray.
But as Robo walked through the door of his Neohome, his questions were answered. A rainbow Aisha was curled up by the fire.
“Oh, hey Cristina,” Robo said.
The Aisha opened her eyes. “How was your, er, tea?”
“Oh, uh, fine,” Robo muttered awkwardly.
“You did a good thing, telling them the truth.”
“What?!” Robo was shocked and amazed at the same time.
“Yes, I know what you do every week. It worries me, so I found your buddies an owner.”
“Who thinks that way?” Robo asked, completely amazed.
“Hey, I was a stray too, y’know!” Cristina said, lifting her head up, “But that’s a story for another day.”
Then, the two pets curled up together and fell asleep in front of the fireplace, Robo suddenly glad he was not a stray anymore and had a wonderful family to return home to.

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