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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: I_Love_Piggles12
Owner: lucky0013
Breed: Shoyru

About I_Love_Piggles12:
As you’re walking around Neopia Central, you spy a small rainbow Shoyru standing on a bench, speaking to a group of pets, some with their owners and some without. As you walk up, you hear more clearly what she is saying.

“Gather round folks, as I, the marvelous Pig, tell you my story!” she shouts. At first it seems as though this is just some hyperactive and egotistical little shoyru trying to get attention, so you start to walk away. But then you realize that this pet is, in fact, the most recent winner of the Pet Spotlight Award. You go back and listen once more.

“It all started when I was a young little red Moehog.(This was before I was morphed.)I was just a few days old and walking around with my owner, who was carrying several large bags filled with books. As soon as I had been created, she told me that I was to be one of the smartest Moehogs in all of Neopia,” The little Shoyru stops for a moment to pull out a poets hat. She dons it, and continues. “So anyways! My owner told me I was going to be a very smart pet. I thought this would be excellent at first, but a few days later my brain was about to burst! I had read at least a dozen books, dictionaries, novels, stories, newspapers, and even brochures! And I needed a rest.

“Apparently my owner thought I was getting bored with all these books. So while I was sitting around on our couch in, which was at that time our little two-roomed hut on Mystery Island, Lucky (my owner) said she’d go out and buy me a present. Later that day she came back with another Neopet!” Pig stops once more here, and sits down on the bench and points at you. “You,” she says.

“Me?” you ask.

“You,” Pig replies. “What’s your name?” You state your name and Pig gets off the bench and walks towards you. “Would you replace your Neopet? Would you go off in search of a more ‘fun pet’ to keep you company while your first Neopet sat at home reading all day and inflating her brain to an almost fatal state?”

You blink. “Is that what your owner did?” you ask.

Pig’s eyes go wide. “Of course not! Why would you think such a thing?! My owner got me the funniest and best sibling a Neopet like me could ever get! And to this day the two of us are like this,” Pig crosses her fingers so tight that they look slightly deformed. “Next to my Blorpulous, Channy, my Ixi sister is my greatest amigo. Now! On to this hat. It's my favorite hat you know. I bet you're wondering how I got it...”

As the Shoyru goes on about how she received a restraining order from the Turmaculus by attempting to shove carrots up his nose and waking him up, you start to realize there just might be something to this Shoyru that is the reason why she was chosen as the Pet Spotlight winner. You also start to wonder why she's so loopy if she's read all those books. Perhaps it's because being rainbow makes you loopy.

And for the rest of the afternoon you stay at that bench, listening to the little Shoyru’s tales about how she and her owner managed to anger the pirates at the Fungus Caves, how she and her other sisters caused a whole chunk of the ice caves to explode, and how the small Shoyru herself knows what the inside of that giant Slugawoo guarding the ruins of old Maraqua looks like. Along with many other stories of course.

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