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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Allgeo
Owner: giggle_faerie_laughs
Breed: Kacheek

About Allgeo:
“Now what should I buy…” You mutter aloud to no one in particular as you wander up and down the Chocolate Factory Shop, passing aisles upon aisles filled to the top with various chocolate coated treats and candy. Your mouth begins to water as you pass the last of the chocolate section, and you turn to enter the next aisle. Suddenly your attention is caught by a lime jelly treat in the shape of a kacheek sat on a shelf, looking rather out of place amongst the chocolate. Strange, you thought that they only came in Blumaroo shapes, not Kacheeks. Extending a hand, you reach towards it, only for it to move, jumping back in fright.

“What the…? Hey! No! Don’t pick me! I’m not for sale! Honest!” He squeaks in fright, ducking behind a chocolate Easter negg and peering at you with wide blue eyes. You blink, obviously confused by the apparently alive jelly Neopet.

“Allgeo? Now where did he….Oh, there you are! I was worried you might’ve become someone’s bitesize snack.” A voice suddenly interrupts, belonging to a brilliant white zafara, followed by a laugh. “That’s not funny Sunnie!” The small kacheek moans, crossing his arms and turning away with a pout. You raise an eyebrow and quickly mutter an apology.

The zafara smiles and turns to face you. “Don’t worry about him. This always happens to him. He’s been mistaken for food more times than a grackle bug. That’s what happened when you’re turned to jelly.” She shrugs, picking her brother up. “So how exactly did that happen…?” You ask curiously. Allgeo clears his throat and finally gets up the courage to speak.

“Well, I have to admit that I haven’t always been a kacheek… I was originally a green Jetsam from Kiko Lake…” He admitted, almost ashamed to say it. “I wasn’t one of those mean Jetsams though, I was actually quite friendly. Even if I did like to snack on the odd aquatic petpet.” He gave a nervous chuckle, scratching his head before continuing. “I was always an outcast though. I used to play sports alone, and I used to go swimming alone a-“

“They get the picture Ali.” Sunnie the zafara interrupts. Allgeo sticks his tongue out at her. “Sooo I kept on asking my owner to paint me a nice, expensive colour to make everyone else like me more. She new that it wouldn’t change anything, but she wanted to make me happy. So instead she took me to this big thinger-ma-jiger…. The lab ray I think it was called, and ‘zapped’ me. I became really strong really fast, and after a few attempts changed colour to electric! Of course I was really pleased with my new electric colour, but I felt that it didn’t suit me. So I continued to visit the lab, until something went horribly wrong. I changed colour to….Mutant. All those tentacles…I was hideous.” Allgeo mutters, tears welling up in his eyes from the memories.

“And you know what? Allgeo came back from the lab so unhappy that during the night he raided the fridge in our neohome, and in the process accidently drank a kacheek transmogrification potio-”
Allgeo gasped and quickly covered her mouth. “Don’t tell them that!!!” He yelled, which only caused you to stare at the small creature oddly. He flashed a nervous grin.

“I finally went back to the lab ray, with a lot of persuasion from my owner and my sisters - Sunnie_faith and dulcis_angelus. At this point I didn’t have much faith in that evil ray, but I was shocked and surprised when I transformed into Jelly of all things! I was over the moon with my new bouncy, stretchy, pokeable, edible self. Of course being made of Jelly has its problems….” He trails off suddenly. Sunnie just grins. It was obvious that the ‘problems’ involved him being eaten or hunted down by other neopets.

“But now I can go diving – my favourite hobby – for hours without needing to breathe. And I can also bounce, which certainly makes raiding my owners cupboards for sweets and candy MUCH easier.” He says in a sing-song voice.

Remembering that you came to buy something, you say goodbye, thanking him for telling you the story, and turn to leave. But before you leave you ask one final question.
“Do jelly pets eat jelly…?”
“What are you, crazy?! That’s like, cannibalism!”

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