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Pet Name: Zahkuro
Owner: melted_ice
Breed: Flotsam

About Zahkuro:
“Zahkuro! Stop messing around, one of these days some neopian with poor eyesight is going to mistake you for a real plushie,” snapped Faith.
“I’ve heard that one a million times...” grumbled Zahkuro. “Your no fun”
“What?!? would you like to say that again –” Faith turned around, blushing. It wasn’t like Faith and Zahkuro to get into a agreement, but with the rising stress for tonight’s talent contest everyone seemed to be all worked up. Zahkuro was browsing the beauty care isle, where she always when a strange neopian and her neopet pick up a bottle of ‘sparkling kyrii bubbles’

“Oh, hello there. I’m Faith...” announced Zahkuro’s owner, shaking the neopian’s hand. “And this is my flotsam Zahkuro.” Faith quickly poked Zahkuro in the side who in return lets out a big “yelp!”
“Oh, right,” Zahkuro said rubbing her tail. “We’re new around this area. It’s nice to meet you” Zahkuro had no interest in meeting new people, it wouldn’t take long before she became famous and everyone she knew would take advantage of her. There were stars in Zahkuro’s eyes. That must have bothered the young neopet... apparently she was in this weeks talent show as well.
“Haha, don’t tell me your thinking of winning tonight’s talent show... that’s for people who actually... you know... have talent!” remarked the young neopet trying to be funny. The whole store was quiet. No one has ever beaten this mysterious neopet in anything, nor has her identity been raveled. “See you at the talent show!” said the neopet trying to make a bigger scene for Zahkuro. She picked up her bottle and walked out of the store.
“What was all that about?!?” questioned Zahkuro. Faith looked around the room, about 90% of the people in the store were starring at her and Zahkuro.
“Ug! What a great way to be welcomed to the neighborhood...” said Faith sarcastically. “I guess we have to go through with the talent show for sure now.” Zahkuro nodded bagging her groceries. “We have one hour and approximately 26 minutes until the contest starts,” continued Faith looking at her watch. It was already dark out when they arrived at there new small neohome in Mystery Island.
“Why did we move out here?” screeched Zahkuro starring at the bug on the carpet. Faith shook her head, putting the bug outside of the window. Faith pushed Zahkuro into the bathroom and started applying makeup. “Whaa?!? I’m already wearing makeup...” said Zahkuro confused.
“Shh!” whispered Faith. “I thought I saw something outside.” Zahkuro sneaked to the front door inspire of what Faith had told her about strangers and slowly opened the door.
“What now?” Zahkuro said in disappointment. A large group of neopets were standing outside on Zahkuro’s front lawn. “You look like the people from the store...” Zahkuro recalled. The neopets just stood there with a grin on there face, “Faith’s not going to be happy about this.”
“What’s going on down there?” asked Faith.
“Nothing!!” shouted Zahkuro. “Just some guests...” Zahkuro looked at the clock and with out hesitation followed Faith out the back door to there car. Zahkuro was versing eight other contestants, each specialized in there own area of the contest. Posters were put all across the room, fans cheering for there contender. No one cheered for Zahkuro, the only plushie flotsam in this weeks contest.

Later: It was the last part of the contest... Closing statements, this was the only chance to convince the judges to pick Zahkuro instead of the mysterious girl. “Ok, here I go...” Zahkuro swallowed. “Thank you for getting me this far!” she paused. And the audience clapped. “It was always my dream to become a famous star, but I learned today that it’s not about the fame but what you do with what your learn to help people, and become a role model for other neopians all around Neopia!” Zahkuro smirked at the mysterious girl. The mysterious neopet stepped on the stage and swiped the microphone away from Zahkuro.
“This is my closing statement!!! Look I have it all written down, she’s a thief!” shouted the neopet. Zahkuro just smiled as everyone panicked in astonishment.
“Does it say who wrote it?” asked Zahkuro. The judge looked at the paper, it didn’t say who the author was. The neopian was in shock, she had always gotten away with her tricks. It turns out that she copied Zahkuro’s speech. Zahkuro had completed her mission. The Mysterious neopet was disqualified... Zahkuro walked home empty handed but filled with pride.
...“Aah! What are you talking about?” asked Faith frustrated. “You lost too. The stuff you do is so stupid! One of these days your going to get in serious trouble.” Zahkuro was still grinning.
“Just trying to leave an impression on the public. No one really cares about who wins the talent contest or not...” Zahkuro added. Faith shook her head. “Don’t mess with my logic.” Zahkuro plopped down on the coutch in her living room and turned on the television. News report// New Resident Catches Mysterious Cheater. More info at 9:00
“Faith can I stay up to see the news? Plllllease?” begged Zahkuro.
“Yeah I guess...” Faith replied “I don’t think you’ll stay awake for that long.” Right before the 9:00 news Zahkuro fell sleep on the couch. It was a long exciting day for Zahkuro and I’m sure that more adventures will follow.

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