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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Memturbo
Owner: puppy_sad_eyes
Breed: Gelert

About Memturbo:
Hello there, my name is Jess, a.k.a. puppy_sad_eyes, and I have come to introduce to Neopia the most intelligent gelert in all
of Neopia! His name is-

Suddenly, a loud crashing sound is hear from the hallway outside the room where I write this. An electric-blue gelert comes crashing through the doorway, a huge, stupid grin on his muzzle.
"Hey Mom!" he says. "Whatcha' doin'? Something BOOORRRRINNG?"
I sigh. Ok, maybe he isn't the smartest gelert in world, but he one of the kindest gelert souls you'll ever meet.
A tiny sound of boots on wood is heard from down the hall. A hilariously short ixi walked into the room, looking around and surveying my room.
She scoffed in disgust, then tapped Mem on the shoulder. Mem turned away from me, and bounced up and down in front of the ixi.
"HI HUALAPAI!!!!" he shrieked. Hualapai twitched, but managed a twisted looking smile. I could tell she was trying her hardest not to attack
"Here, my dim-witted friend," she said in almost a cackle. "Have some Achyfi after your long walk to the Health Food shop and back."
The ixi held out a can of Achyfi, waving it in Mem's face. This wasn't going to end well. Hualapai was never, how you say, "nice". She's always been a bit eh,
evil. Every good deed she did usually ended in disaster.
Mem took the can from her and looked it over. "Ok!" he said after a few minutes. "Thanks, Hula!"
The ixi winced. She hated Mem's nicknames.
The gelert downed the Achyfi in less than 30 seconds. He set the can down on the floor and sighed.
"Yum!" he said cheerfully. I gasped silently. Maybe Hualapai really did do something nice this time. I looked over to smile at her, but she
was gone. Curious...
"Hey Mom, guess what?!"
My attention snapped back. "Yes?"
"I found the most awesome things in the market today! Look!!" He shoved a paper bag in my face. I hestiantly opened the bag.
Mem isn't very good with neopoints. When he sees something he wants, he goes right for it and buys it. The only reason I send him
to get things is because he loves to shop for me, and he does the most irresistible sad puppy face.
I took the first item out of the bag and saw that it was an electric blue notebook that matched Mem's colors perfectly. I shuddered when I
saw the price tag.
"Isn't it great?!"
"Yeah Mem, its eh, great..."
I took the next item out of the bag. It was a soft petpet bed.
"Ya know, I thought Loopy might need a new bed since Hula made his last one explode..."
I nodded, thinking longingly of my bank account.
'Anywho," he said, snatching the bag out of my hands, "I want to show you some of the new pictures I took."
I said yes, and followed him to his room. Mem likes taking pictures. Last year, Zeniko and I saved up and bought him a nice camera for his birthday.
We immediately regretted it. Mem took pictures of everything! He took pictures of me, Zen, Hualapai, dust particles that could hardly seen, anything he could get his paws on!
Ever since that second, Mem has taken his camera out with him when he goes places and added at least fifteen new pictures to his collection. He shoved the view finder of the camera in my face, and flipped through the pictures.
"Here's a picture of this Acara I saw there buying asparagus. Asparagus?! I mean, who in their right mind eats asparagus??!"
Note: Adam, I am very sorry about this particular event, but I am obligated to chronicle these events as they actually happened. Thank you for your cooperation.
"And here's a picture of Hula when I walked in the front door..."
"And when I caught a Bori shoplifting."
"And when I left the store."
"And the petpet bed I almost bought."
I sighed. I was never going to finish that Pet Spotlight entry at this rate.
When I finally made it back to my desk, I hastily write this part of the story up. I believe this should be at least 500 words...
Oh no. Zeniko is screaming something about Hualapai's fake Achyfi... I'd better go take care of this.
So long, and I hope you enjoyed spending part of your life reading this story about my slightly insane Neopian family.

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