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Pet Name: kiki_tru
Owner: jellyfiesta
Breed: Kiko

About kiki_tru:
The Week of a Plain Red Kiko

I looked at the mirror. There lies a tiny, red Kiko. So plain. Jellyfiesta said she’s going to put me in the Beauty Contest. She seems so confident about it, while me… well, I'm not too interested when I'm just a plain, red Kiko with a bandage on my forehead. But this must mean so much to her, I can feel how much she really wants to win. So then I tried a thing called ‘dress-up’. I haven’t tried this before so I wouldn’t guarantee that I would be the prettiest Kiko in the contest, but I tried anyway. I grabbed the fancy dresses, the lipstick, and some other things I thought I’ll need. Then I started. Then finished. Then looked in the mirror again. In there I saw a Kiko that tried so hard to be beautiful, but failed. Then I wiped off the lipstick that was pretty much everywhere on my face. And the dresses, they don’t even fit! I mean, I'm just a floating red ball that has hands. Well, at least the hat covers my almost bald head, and I'm a girl for goodness sakes! And so later I gave up, since I can’t do anything to make myself pretty. I'm sorry jellyfiesta, but you better give up on the Beauty Contest! There’s no way you’re going to take a good picture of me that everyone is going to vote for!

And so later, on the next day, my owner put a picture of me in the Beauty Contest. I was so surprised! When did she take a picture of me? What if she did it secretly when I was playing dress-ups? Everyone would know what kind of a try-hard I am! Oh, my friends at NeoSchool would all tease me! I can’t stand this! I had to see the picture! And then I saw it… it was a picture of me, but sleeping! She took it when I was sleeping, while floating in the air! And when I thought things couldn’t get worse, she told jelly_lupeneo, sorry_star, and me that she’s just going to go for a while to the boards to advertise! Oh no, everyone would see me! So I guess I played a quick game of ‘Spies’ and followed her way to the NeoBoards. And that’s when I got even more surprised…

‘Your vote has been cast for kiki_tru’ they say. They actually like the picture! Wow! That was great! ‘Aww… it’s so adorable!’ they also complimented. Those days were the most cheerful ones of my life (well, so far)! They actually think I'm cute! And so the days passed by, jellyfiesta is still advertising like crazy! Whoa, now I can see how much she wants me to get in the top three for species. Well, there were quite a lot of Kiko’s, but mine was pretty good, so I had a fat chance of winning! Well, I hope I do anyway…

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday… the new week passed by. It was only one day left until the contest ends! Oh, I can’t wait! Would I win? Did everyone who said they voted actually did vote? What if I only got 10 votes? That would mean all jellyfiesta’s advertising meant nothing… I can’t let that happen! And so the new day came… only 16 hours and 15 minutes to go until we can see the winners! Awe, why couldn’t it be 4:15 A.M instead? Well, since it’s still a pretty long time, the advertising went on again…

After waiting 16 hours, finally it was almost time! Only 15 minutes left! Tick, tock, tick, tock… then straight after that, the new contest is up! I looked at the past winners, they were really good. No wonder they got first for overall! And so after that I checked out the Kiko winners. There I was right on the top for being first! Wow! I got 383 votes! So I smiled all day long with my gold trophy! I love the Beauty Contest, I love my new trophy, I love jellyfiesta, and I especially love all you voters! ^-^

Note from jellyfiesta: Yippee! If you’re reading this that means kiki_tru won the pet spotlight! Seems like I’m spoiling her… Anyway, thanks to all of you that voted out there! I really appreciate the votes! If you were one of those that voted, neomail me and I’ll put you in my list of voters! By the way, the picture up there is the picture I entered in the Beauty Contest last week!

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