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Pet Name: zeenoi
Owner: degukid
Breed: Zafara

About zeenoi:
Here we are, Zafara day upon us, and Zeenoi sits in his room, cleaning swords. His story is an odd one, a needle in a hay stack, one that I’d like to tell.

When Zeenoi the Zafara was only 12 he fought in the Meridell war. He was passionate and had nothing to lose. A fearful enemy to many although his young age made him less intimidating. Then disaster struck. Just like Valrigard the Draik, he was accused of murdering one from his own side. He was shocked when many people believed that he had done it, and even more so because he was only twelve. King Skarl was flustered at the time and was not thinking clearly. The Skeith carelessly ordered the young Zafara to be put in prison. Zeenoi had a different plan in mind.

As he was being led to his cell he started to cough uncontrollably. The guards stopped to see what was wrong. Taking advantage of the guard’s interest, Zeenoi twisted his arms out of their grasp and ran.

He dashed through the streets of Meridell, trying to escape the cries of, “Stop Him!!” He pulled his cloak over his head and drew his sword from its sheath.

As the Haunted Woods came closer and closer into his view he rested, panting. He could no longer hear the shouts of the guards or the encouragement of his old time friends. He started to laugh at the thought of what he had just accomplished. He raised his sword to the sun and swore an oath that he would always be alone, day and night.

Zeenoi walked through the haunted woods for many days, slowly getting used to the whispering of the ghosts. As a week started to end the woods grew thin and he was able to see a faint splash of color reaching into the sky. The Rainbow Pool. He smiled, knowing Neopia Central was only a day’s length away.

Zeenoi contemplated whether to enter the crowded Central or not. Eventually he realized that if he stayed in the Haunted Woods he’d have minimal shelter and food.

As Zeenoi entered Neopia Central he realized that his attire looked a bit odd. He reached into an old pocket and brought out his life savings, a total of 5,600 neopoints. He shuffled to a store titled “Uni’s clothing” and bought a new pair of pants that had a belt attached. He slipped his sword into the belt and went on.

As night came around he curled up next to the money tree, grabbing all the food that people dropped.

The next day Zeenoi trudged around, trying to figure out what to do. He suddenly spotted a young girl walking towards the food shop. Building up his courage he asked her if she’d be kind enough to let him stay the night at her home. She agreed and handed him a hotdog. Zeenoi snarfed it down.

Zeenoi never ended up leaving the girls house, breaking the oath he had sworn to keep. He was given a room and introduced to his new brothers and sisters. Zeenoi slowly grew used to not having to be afraid when someone called his name in a loud voice. Eventually he was able to tell Degu about his past although he was quite nervous when doing so. Degu, (the girl) accepted the fact that he had a complicated past and gave him his space.

Now at an age of thirteen Zeenoi is finally happy with his life. He is quite wary of strangers but has grown to love his family as I, Degu, love him. My other neopets, Lilia, Lightning heart, and Seren, all have grown accustomed to his secretive ways and don’t pester him about his life.

Now that I have told you the story of my little Zafara, Zeenoi, I hope you understand if one day, you see a young Zafara in a cloak, perfectly content with cleaning swords.

Oh, and by the way, Zeenoi told me to tell you, have a happy Zafara day.

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