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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: chewyblee
Owner: chewyboo
Breed: Pteri

About chewyblee:
So, you want to know the life story of an egg? You have come to the right place! I may be a darling, spotted, calm little baby pteri, but don't let that fool you. I'm a tough little thing! I guess you need to be tough when your own owner *glances over to chewyboo with a dark look* almost accidentally mistakes you for a grade A egg the morning she makes omelettes... well, anyway, this is my story on my life.

I will never forget those first few seconds of life. I could do EVERYTHING! I was created as a blue bruce. I could run, skip, and slide down Terror Mountain on my stomach. Little did I know, my owner wasn't planning on keeping me this way.

My owner took me by the hand and led me down to our neohome. As soon as I entered the house, I collapsed on a bright red beanbag. My owner chuckled, and went into the kitchen. With curiosity, I followed her.

She opened a cabinet with all of our items. She scanned the shelves, and then took a little blue bottle. Cupping it with two hands, she stared happily at it. Then she handed it to me and told me to chug it. I did as I was told.

With the fist tiny sip, a tingling sensation tickled my insides. Then, I felt my little legs growing. Then, I felt a sharp pain in my wings. They grew longer as my figure started to shrink a bit. Soon, all I could do was stand there, looking down at my new self.

Why didn't my owner just create me as a pteri? That question pondered my mind. Then I suddenly found the answer. My owner was dancing around the kitchen. Then she pointed right next me. There I saw the words, "Something Has Happened! You are now able to use Magical Kauvara on the neoboards!" I huffed at my owner. She made me go through all that just for a dumb avatar.

If you thought being created AND morphed in one day was a lot, listen to this. My owner hugged me around the neck, and then scurried off back to our items. Then, she produced a pink and light blue paintbrush. A BABY paint brush! I was quite shocked. She pranced over to me, and said that we were going to go for a walk. I followed her, unsteady on my new legs.

She pointed at a pool of water, reflecting a wonderful rainbow. I saw other pets dancing around it, jumping for joy. My owner brushed a layer of paint on my wings, and told me to go down to the pool of water. Confused, I did so.

I splashed a bit of pool water on to my face. It was very cold. Then, I saw something cave around me. I was scared to death, and soon I noticed I was shrinking. Now, I was captured inside of a shell. I tried to push myself out, but I was too weak. I shivered in fear, wondering what was going to happen next.

Suddenly, I felt myself being picked up. My owner was jumping around, saying she achieved her life’s goal. "Oh what a cute wittle baby you are!" she said to me. I knew that I had once again, I was morphed.

Well, that is my story. My owner still loves me, but she keeps me on a strict vegetarian diet of veggies and jelly. She says that people like to eat me. I try to ignore her when she stares at me with a hungry look on her face...

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