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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: sunburstrider
Owner: goldensunlight
Breed: Kougra

About sunburstrider:
My name is Goldensunlight and I have the laziest pets in Neopia. Look what I’m doing right now… writing this because my pets wouldn’t do it for themselves. I can’t believe how easily they could make me do anything they want.
“Tell them about me first,” Sunburstrider shouted at me from afar. “I’m the oldest so I go first.” He explained to his brothers.
There he goes again, showing off as always. Sunburstrider is the oldest in the family but he is the youngest. Confused? He was the first pet I ever got, so technically he is the oldest. Lurebreaker and IanSharkThorpedo were born before him but I adopted them a few days after I got Sunburstrider.
Right now he’s training to become a fighter. I guess the fighting spirit runs deep in this kougra. He has convinced me to save up for those secret laboratory maps. He is unrelenting, stubborn, picky and proud. An islander to the bones but he doesn’t like to go swimming. Weird isn’t it? Ever since that day he… “NO don’t tell THEM!!! I will hate you forever!” Sunburstrider whined.
“It’s okay, I changed my mind. I won’t tell them,” I comforted him.
“That’s a promise, right,” Sunburstrider looked at me pleadingly. I patted his head and nodded.
I think he doesn’t want me to talk about him now. He’s gone off to show he’s brothers how to hold their fishing rods properly. Just look how he’s trying to explain fishing to them. He’s not making much sense. Lurebreaker looks frustrated but IanSharkThorpedo seems to be taking it all in. He always could understand things better than all of us. I’m not saying that he’s a genius but he is very curious. His greatest ambition is to invent a potion or item than would allow Neopians to create huge, harmless tidal waves so that they could go surfing whenever they want. He also wants to ‘understand Neopia and lavish in its diverse worlds’. I’m not really sure what he meant by that but it sounded deep.
Here he comes – I wonder what he wants. He’s the slowest of the three but I don’t think he minds. He has the fierce face of a kougra but he’s a softy. Oh never mind, he was actually heading for the old rotting log behind me. “IanSharkThorpedo, you’ll have to wake up early tomorrow so we could buy you that book you wanted,” I called out to him.
“Bright and early... before the sun rises above our island home,” he beamed at me. I could think of a few ways he could have said it in a way that Sunburstrider could easily understand it… but of course I can’t change who he is so I just smiled back.
*SPLASH* I turned around and saw Lurebreaker jump off the bridge. Sunburstrider looked pissed. He’s all wet and he just lost the fish he caught when its container tipped over. IanSharkThorpedo and I laughed. “The great prankster is at it again,” Sunburstrider grumbled. It turned out that Lurebreaker got bored and frustrated at Sunburstrider’s attemps to teach him.
Lurebreaker is just the silliest prankster. He doesn’t want to become a great fighter or a famous inventor. He just wants to have fun. He’s very flashy. He loves expensive stuffs. Right now he’s been begging me to buy him a tyrannian paint brush. I promised him that I would - once I finish saving up for the secret laboratory maps.
“It’s getting late. We should be heading back home now,” I called out.
“I’m going to sleep early,” IanSharkThorpedo ran to get his fishing rod and came back to walk beside me.
“We might as well go home. The prankster already scared off all the fish in the cavern,” Sunburstrider yelled.
All we could do was laugh.

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