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Pet Name: Floater6507
Owner: nut862
Breed: Flotsam

About Floater6507:

Hello. I am Floater6507, though everybody just calls me Floater. I look like just a small blue Flotsam, a rather ordinary pet that you might see around the streets of Neopia Central. But underneath my somewhat boring appearance, I'm actually very unusual. I am a faerie pet, and I was born with the ability to unleash the powers of the water and light faeries.

Do you believe me? I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't. I can hardly believe it myself. Most of the time, I don't really think about my powers. It is sort of my secret, because if everyone knew about them, I would probably get more attention than I would like. I spend most of my time alone, with my Greeble, and I don't have any intent of changing that. Personally, I don't particularly want to be telling everyone this in the Pet Spotlight, either, but my owner thinks it's fascinating and she wanted me to write this. So, I'm doing it. I suppose it matters little whether the general population of Neopia knows about it, anyway, since the important ones, the faeries, already know, and have known for a long time. They've known that I was a faerie pet since before I ever did.

I didn't know that I had faerie powers until months after I was born. In an adventure too fantastic to relate here, I discovered that within me is contained a force more powerful than I ever imagined. I have the power of light and water held deep in my heart, and it is my ability to unleash those powers when the need arises. The effects are ranged, but when my powers have been released, nothing stands in my way.

Unfortunately, I have little or no control over my powers. I cannot just wave my fin and have a blinding light flash out. My powers only rise to the surface in desperate situations, when I really need them. They have saved my life more than once. For much of the time, though, I can't use them at all, and at that point I am just a regular Flotsam. It is only when a true threat is presented to me that I can't deal with on my own, that some deeply embedded instinct calls my powers out from within me.

Light faeries are known to be good, and almost all light faeries are. Water faeries are usually kind and caring; take for example the faerie at the Healing Springs. I possess the powers of both elements, light for goodness and strength, and water for healing. It is actually possible for me to physically heal pets, but again, I can only do it when I really need to. However, being a faerie pet doesn't just mean having amazing powers (even if the powers aren't always available). As a faerie pet, I realize that it is my duty to support the cause of good. My powers are intended to be used to defeat evil. And as a faerie pet, I must not only help good, but it is my goal to become completely good at heart, as well. Only then can I truly harness my powers and use them at will.

Am I talking like some clichd storybook character or something? If I am, I'm sorry, but what I'm saying is true. It isn't easy to achieve that goal of being pure of heart, and I am less close to reaching it than I would like. I don't know when or if I will become worthy of holding my powers, only that I must strive to be throughout my life. Someday, perhaps I can be as kind and true as Queen Fyora, and not get angry or sad or do anything uncaring. That's difficult for me to do, and I really have to work on it. I'm not naturally mean or anything, and in fact you could say I'm one of the nicer pets in Neopia, but if you knew the standard by which good faeries judge kindness, you would be amazed that any non-faerie could ever reach it. I'm not even sure how I'm going to do it, only that I have to try.

I know more faeries than I know pets. Faeries always seem to come out of nowhere to help me, sometimes when I least expect it. Light faeries and water faeries, especially, come to see me, but sometimes even a passing earth faerie or air faerie will recognize me and speak to me. I am grateful to them for all their help in guiding me to reach my goal.

Of course, since I am dedicated to good, dark faeries are not one of the many faeries that come to offer me friendly advice. In fact, dark faeries are one of the greatest forces of evil that I must battle with my powers.

More than once, dark faeries have tried to defeat me. I am well known among faeries as being a true faerie pet, granted the power of good faeries, and that makes me the biggest target the dark faeries seem to have.

I honestly don't know why they are constantly scheming against me, because whenever they manage to get me into a trap, my powers rise against them and they are defeated instead of me. If I went seeking after them, which I probably wouldn't, my powers probably wouldn't rise, so what have they to worry about? They seem to think that if they let me go unchecked for enough time, I'll become a terrible threat to evil, so they want to get rid of me early on. I can't imagine why they're so agitated over me, though, when I have no intentions of going after them later on, and can't even control my powers yet! It is almost laughable, though I have to wonder if the faeries know more about my future than I do. Only time will tell if they are right or not.

So there you have it. I am a semi-normal blue Flotsam with faerie powers, and my life is dedicated to fighting evil, both within me and in Neopia, and this is my tale. I'm not a great writer, but I hope you liked my spotlight anyway. If I really do become a true faerie pet who spends her days fighting evil, maybe you'll hear much more about me in the newspaper in months to follow. I might even take my place in the Gallery of Heroes someday! I can just see the tour guide leading visitors through the gallery: "And here we have the Faerie Queen, Fyora, and right next to her is Floater6507, the Blue Flotsam, who is the first ordinary Neopet ever to make it into the Gallery of Heroes..."

Argh, there I go, being vain about it! I'll never be able to use my powers if I keep saying things like thatYes, I know you're saying, "What? You were just making a joke!" Well, I told you that the faeries' standard is high, and one thing that faeries aren't allowed to do is act proud about their powers over normal pets, even in a joke. You see how difficult this is?

So, I probably won't be in the Gallery of Heroes, but you can be assured that Floater6507 is going to do her best in the battle against evil. Now that everyone knows my secret, I'm probably going to get bombarded with people asking me to perform some show with my powers, and my poor Greeble isn't going to have any time alone with me anymore. But, that's the price I pay for listening to my owner when she tells me to write something for the Pet Spotlight. I hope you liked reading this, and maybe now I seem like a bit less of an ordinary blue Flotsam! Until next time, goodbye Neopia!

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