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Pet Name: Kauwbaka
Owner: clasotarry
Breed: Kau

About Kauwbaka:

Welcome to Kauwbaka's Farm!

Imagine you...yeah you on the pc.

You're walking trough Meridell as you see a huge billboard.

You have been here several times but the thing is you've never seen it before though it's at least 10 feet high.

While you're standing there scratching your head and wondering why you've never noticed it before a blue Kau pops out of nowhere. Before you can say anything at all it starts talking to you: 'Welcome to Kauwbaka's farm the finest milk, grass and cheese over whole Neopia, I'm Kauwbaka and I will be your guide for today!'

You jump up in an unpleasant surprise. And you start to think who this crazy Neopian in front of you is:

'Who is this person in front of me?! Why is she talking and why does she have such a strange name...Kauwbaka what kind of name is that?'

In the middle of the fine conversation with yourself the Kau starts talking again.

'You must think that is have a strange name...well it means cow-cow. Kauw = cow and baka = cow, simple huh!

'This cow-cow talks far too much if you'd ask me. ' You think to yourself glaring at the Blue creature giving hints for her to shut up.

15 minutes later

'And that's the whole story behind my name! Hey say what...I'll give you a tour for free!'

You (waking up as you where in a small slumber because of the BOORRIINGG story) ask why you never noticed this before. 'Well it's a long story but if you'

'NO!!' you abruptly scream not wanting to have another minute of your time spilled. 'Gee! it only appears when we you are well...good enough don't have to be all mean and stuff. For your information I made this place with my bare hands it was ugly when I found it really. I worked on it every day because everybody needs a place to feel at home. Well...let's get this tour over with...'

You walk around the beautiful plains and start to feel at home immediately. You see Baabaas all over the place and Kaus working on the land.

You ask why Kauwbaka made such a place like this.

'Well I was bored and I was always fond of working on the land, saving up money to get me a Spotted Paint Brush and well a place to call home. '

You not really understanding the 'home' part ask what she means by it.

'OK a very long time ago I lived with my owner Clasotarry in Neopia Central.

We felt at home immediately but I thought I needed a place only for myself.

So I went to Illusen and told the problem and she said: You're wish shall be granted if you promise to make it a merry place. And I agreed with this of course I mean what's a home when it's not merry. It may be called an H or an O-M-E but it will never be called home haha! So I received a piece of land. Well it looked more like a piece of junk. And I made it the merry place as it is now and when I was done Illusen added a 10 feet billboard with Kauwbaka's farm. And that's the story. '

You walk inside a barn where a lot of Neopians are laughing, singing and making music. You hear a beautiful song and you listen to the words:

Somewhere beyond your dreams
Where you're free from any harm
Where nothing's what it seems
It's called Kauwbaka's farm
Everyone welcome
Everyone free
Fun is what we guarantee
Come and visit our only home
Where everyone is free to roam
Please come visit Kauwbaka's farm
Where you're free from any harm
Everyone welcome
Everyone free
Endless grass
If I will go
Will you go with me?

'And that was the tour...I hope you liked it come by anytime you want to I will be here forever' Kauwbaka says to you.

As you listen to the beautiful voice. You close your eyes....

You wake up in a field full of sunflowers. Your hand is closed and when you open it a you see a pass "lifetime member of Kauwbaka's farm" is written on the little card. You stand up and smile knowing that you can come back whenever you want to.

And in yourself you hymn a song you remember:

Please come visit Kauwbaka's farm
Where you're free from any harm
Everyone welcome
Everyone free
Endless grass
If I will go
Will you go with me?

And you think to yourself: If such an extraordinary Neopian can not make it to the pet spotlight. Who will. . . ?


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