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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Rhuan
Owner: puppy_love555222
Breed: Ruki

About Rhuan:

This is a story about my petpet - Louie the Angelpuss.

My name is Rhuan and I am a Ruki. My life is not particularly spectacular, that's why I've decided to talk about my pet. Louie is 626 hours old, is white with gold markings and is currently studying level 1. He is watching me right this moment with his amber eyes. I have recently painted him with a Christmas paintbrush and boy is he looking gorgeous!

I don't really know what to write yet, I suppose because there's just so much to write about. There's the fearsome encounter with Turmaculus, *calms a trembling Louie*, he still hasn't gotten over it. There's also general life itself. But you know what, I'm going to tell you about how I got Louie.

I've always loved being a pet to my owner, Susie. That's why one of my greatest wishes was to have a pet of my own.

Grip, my fellow Gelert brother got Jinx the Snow Kookith for his 2nd birthday, I adored the little thing. She was just so cute! Of course, Grip immediately started teaching her words, and began taking her to the library almost every day. I envied Grip and though he was very sharing and let Jinx play with me all the time, it still didn't feel the same as if I had my own petpet.

Rex was next, when he won his first fight in the Battledome. Susie decided that such an occasion should be celebrated so she gave him Firelight the Ramosan. I personally think she gave him a pet so that he would spend more time at home and not out picking fights. Anyway, though Firelight did not have the gentle, curious spirit of Jinx, preferring instead to slide away by herself when she got sick of you, I still envied Rex in his happiness. They were the perfect match, I guess Firelight was a bit of a tomboy Ramosan. She much preferred the outdoors than home, and spent almost all of her time helping Rex along with his fights.

While all this was happening, I secretly wished for my own pet. Susie could see that I was lonely, and took me to play games as often as she could, but the budget was a bit tight and we simply couldn't afford another petpet. She told me she was deeply sorry but I would have to wait.

I was angry. Why had the others gotten their pets? Why did I have to wait for last? It was so unfair. I was sure I had wanted a pet more than the others had. Before Nixy, Grip only had time for his books and puzzles. Rex was endlessly fighting and out playing sport. They both wanted other things while I only wanted a petpet.

Grip wanted more books, constantly more books. Rex wanted codestones, but was rarely home. I spent my days visiting the Kadoaties in the Kadoatery, visiting various petpet shops playing with the petpets, but never buying them. The shopkeepers knew me well enough to stop asking whether or not I wanted to buy one every time I went there. You'd think my owner would have realised sooner that what I really wanted in the world was a petpet but no! She just had no time for me!

I went into a withdrawn state, refusing now, to even read to Jinx, or wrestle with Firelight. I would sit in my room and read the petpet books (books!) and try and imagine what kind of petpet I wanted. I had everything worked out. I would have a Noil because they are absolutely gorgeous, and call him Tonic. I would save up from working in a petpet shop and earn enough to paint him blue. I would do everything with him, walk him in the fields of Meridell, drink from the healing springs, watch Poogle races, and play all sorts of games. I would even daydream with him. Daydreaming has become my favourite pastime. I would lie in the grass, and just stare at the sky, watching the clouds float by, looking for shapes and images in them. Sometimes I would just pretend I was somewhere else altogether. . .

Many people would say I am boring, I have no favourite sport, TV show or game, I simply like to do whatever comes to mind. I don't like writing much, and I have absolutely no idea why I am writing this right now, but most probably because I am bored. The only other things I like apart from daydreaming are art singing.

I used to do a lot of sketching and drawing while I was outside by myself. I believe I got quite good. My owner has hung many of them up on the walls at home. Paints and pencils just work for me. It's natural I guess.

Singing is something I've kept a secret for a long time. I sing when I'm sure no one else is home. Even then I'm still afraid the neighbours might hear me and I shut all the doors and windows. Sometimes I go and see the live bands at the Concert Hall in Tyrannia but mostly I don't enjoy it. I don't have a favourite band. I prefer to write my own melodies with my own words and feelings to match. Plus all the noise and racket the crowds make are just so distracting it's impossible to concentrate on the music.

My owner says I have a lovely voice, so has Grip. Rex told me once that I was to shy and I guess I am, in a way. I would not dare stand up and make a speech with people watching, unlike Grip. I wouldn't be able to walk around with a dozen friends and socialise like Rex.

I guess I understand now why Susie sometimes overlooked me, and I don't blame her in the slightest. She has two other very demanding pets to look after, as well as her own life, her work and her own time. She spent as much time as she could with me, but I guess though she never said, she was glad I wasn't as troubling as the other two.

I also have myself to blame. I am much too withdrawn and never speak up. Now I think I know a little better, helped along my Louie. Oh, I almost forgot. That's why I'm writing this. To talk about Louie! I guess I got a little carried away.

I was out one day, walking under the hot sun near the fruit machine. I began wondering how nice it would be to have some fruit, especially something juicy. Since it was free, I decided to have a spin.

What happened next was the best moment of my life. The Aisha on the right side of the wheel told me loudly and shrilly that I had won 200 neopoints, a tchea fruit, and . . . (Oh thank you, thank you, thank you, who ever you are, I know you're up there!) an Angelpuss!

Not exactly my dream petpet, but still, my very own! I was so thrilled and so shocked that I just stood for a minute, registering what I had just heard. Then I saw the Kau coming out of an adjacent tent, carrying my new petpet. I was so overjoyed I rushed over to all the people around me, hugging them all, kissing some, and ran to the Kau and picked up my Angelpuss, spun him in the air again and again and again, until I finally fell down with exhaustion. I then realised that I had tears in my eyes.

Tears of happiness.

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