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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: RasorRasour
Owner: orginalcliche
Breed: Eyrie

About RasorRasour:

There is really nothing spectacular about him, his feathers are slightly ruffled and his eye holds a quite gleam of undone mischief, but other than that he appears normal. His beak is set a proud loyal way, his ears set off against his head at a jaunty boyish angle. He is standing in a calm meadow of light green hue; it spreads out before him like a magnificent carpet. He stares at it as though he owns it.

"Why hello. " He calmly states, not turning to look at you. You are quite startled; his head wasn't even turned in your direction.

"How did you hear me?" you stammer quietly. That's unnatural that is, you think.

"A superb sense of hearing," he replies quickly, almost too quickly. There is something to investigate you think, he probably has a robotic implant from sloth or an epic gift from Fyora and is only not revealing his life story because he wants to protect his little sister from-. Your thoughts are quickly interrupted. He turns around to face you completely staring you in the eye.

"You are quite big," you stammer. He is about your height almost larger.

"Yes that I am. " He smirks wildly, almost insanely. You quickly try to sneak away. He looks slightly indignant at the fact that you are not hanging on his every word.

"Well aren't you here for an interview?" He questions you loudly, looking you up and down skeptically.

"Yes. I am. Well no not really, but sure let's get this over with. " You respond at first very sure of yourself but slowly blubbering down to an indecisive mess, Rasour often has that affect on people. He raises his left eyebrow and plops down onto a bed of flowers no doubt squishing them, you cringe.

"Well Mr..."

"Rasour," he responds snappily. You frown and then continue.

"Rasour, so what makes you think you deserve the pet spotlight?" You ask in your normal, I am only interviewing you to get my np monotone.

"Why wouldn't I deserve the pet spotlight. " You try very hard not to make any noise what so ever conveying your almost complete disgust at his arrogance. You are beginning to fail.

"What?" He howls defensively. You decide to fire off another question.

"So do you have a PetPet?"

He ponders this one a moment, and silence begins to fill the field.

"Do you have a PetPet?" you repeat, man and this one said he had good hearing.

"Oh yes. Shelby. He is a very philosophical Feepit. He doesn't just enjoy burying himself in the snow he can also make hissing noises that can be attributed to the movements of Krueldor in correspondence-"

"Forget I ever asked. " You cut him off quickly.

"So who is your hero?" You fire off the standard; maybe he will be relatively normal about this one.

"Hero, well if I said me would that be vain?"

You send him a glare that most undoubtedly means yes.

"Well then I'll go with the old favorite, Dr. Sloth. "

"What?!" It is now your turn to howl.

"Well I know I don't seem like the evil minion type, but he is really a misunderstood guy, an intellectual, just like me, though certainly I am much better looking. " You decide not to comment on the last sentence.

"So what do you love best about Neopia. " You prepare yourself for another eccentric answer.

"Well actually I love Faerieland, I think what Fyora is doing is great even if she is a little clich. "

"Woah, back up. She exists she can't be clich!" You insist firmly.

"I don't believe she exists, I don't believe I exist, I don't believe anyone exists. We are all probably just a dream of some big alien, though I am certainly the highlight of the said dream. "

"Okay, good you're being weird as usual. If you didn't give me some odd eccentric answer I think I would be seriously worried. " You sigh. The world is as it should be. You leave the RasorRasour to pick at the flowers mashed previously and to ponder if we all really exist or not.

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