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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: lexapro
Owner: spoonmunky
Breed: Chia

About lexapro:

Strolling through Happy Valley, it is not uncommon to see many bruces and chias playing in the snow or sliding down the hills on a sled. Although chias are not the most popular species in neopia, they are certainly the first to bring a smile to the face of any citizen of neopia. That is what you would expect of a chia though, right?... A cute little creature that is always smiling, although maybe not so clever compared to other species...

Well, let me introduce you to my chia, Lexapro. He's not like other happy chias. He carries around a pretty big chip on his shoulder. You see, Lexapro is a Pea Chia. Maybe you think, "Wow, a pea chia! Those are so cool / cute / awesome / spiffeh!"... but not this pea. Lexapro is grumpy and always plotting the downfall of his chia brothers and sister. The only time he is smiling is when he is up to no good!

Although he won't admit it, I think Lexapro's grumpiness is directly influenced by his size. It's not easy being the smallest citizen of neopia! His feepit, Fluoxetine pushes him around and makes him do his chores. And Fluoxetine's Veespa even pushes Lexapro around!... To make up for his small stature, Lexapro has adopted a BIG attitude. Whenever peas are served for lunch, he'll hide in the bowl and jump out to scare the person eating--shooting peas all over the place! He also likes to hide under mattresses so people cannot get to sleep--Remember the story of the Princess and the Pea? That was probably a pea chia too....

Lexapro likes to pick on his sister Heparin the most. Since she's the only girl chia in the family, she's the easiest to irritate. Heparin is a tall, thin, and well kept Asparagus Chia. She prides herself on looking nice. Lexapro likes to hide inside of her blush and eyeshadow compacts causing her to get scared when she opens them, thus spilling the makeup all over the floor and not having any left to wear. He also tricked her into cutting off all of her asparagus tops by telling her that if she cut them off, they'd grow back thicker!... But the worst of all was this one time Lexapro took Heparin on a "vacation" to Mystery Island to visit the giant cooking pot.. He told her how it was a fun amusement ride and she just had to jump in and it would spin her in fun circles.... Needless to say, she came home more than a little "steamed", and now refuses to even stay in the same neohome as Lexapro.

But don't get me wrong, Lexapro isn't ALL bad. He's just a little misunderstood at times. He started out a full-size, very intimidating mutant chia. . Everyone would move out of the way when he walked by. In the Battledome, opponents would withdraw and hide. Now, other pets just say "awwww, look at the LITTLE guy. " It's much harder for Lexapro to even get trained properly anymore. When he tries to enroll in a course, it's hard to pay his tuition because everyone steps in front of him or around him and he is ignored since no one SEES him. However, I do help him pay for his courses and he is quickly becoming a much stronger pet. He also is proud that he has never been sent to the lab ray. (Although his siblings DO threaten to send him there. )

But what really makes Lexapro the best neopet any owner could ever have, is the fact that no matter how big his attitude is, he is very loyal to his chia family and would protect them from any danger, anyday. He's slowly learning patience and kindness, so please remember to say hi to him instead of pinching his cheeks when you see him!

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