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Pet Name: Graeymalkin
Owner: octarine_eyes
Breed: Aisha

About Graeymalkin:

Outside it is pouring with rain. The droplets are heavy, and it is hard to see through the grey skies. In a cloud room an Aisha is curled up with a book. The only sounds are those of the heavy storm that rages outside, and the soft turning of the pages of the book. The Aisha's Miamouse, Cloudie, is asleep on her cushion, not noticing. The Aisha stretches a leg lazily out from her warm bed and then walks across the room to a window. The window is large, and she looks over the storm that is sweeping through Neopia. She shivers. It is odd for there to be so little sun in the day. She walks idly to a desk and picks up her diary. Sweeping her eyes over the last couple of entries, she starts to write.


More rain. I cannot understand it. Occie is worried. I know. I have a theory though. Maybe it is to do with Maraqua? Maybe TNT are trying to move it to the surface, and there is a mass wave that is encircling Neopia. Maybe. Probably not though. I hope all of the people working on Maraqua will be all right, I mean, what about the giant sea slug? We cannot leave our Neohome, because of the rain. I am getting a little restless. Forrie is sitting in front of the fire again, I may join him. It is so cold here. No heat penetrates the clouds.

She is interrupted by the sounds of scuffling, and immediately the Aisha walks over too a trapdoor, and opens it. The face of her guardian, Occie, appears. The Aisha follows her down the ladder, and then down a flight of stairs. She sits in front of the warm fire, and sips the hot soup that Occie has given her. Forrie is gulping his down, and Linear, the sketch Gruslen is lying in front of the fire, emitting small snores. The Aisha is very glad she has a wonderful owner, and a big warm neohome. She glances out of another window, and screams. A pet is trapped in the copse of trees. It is a baby Jubjub, crying with all of its tiny might. Without a second thought, the Aisha as pulled on a rain cloak and rushed out into the night. Occie screams, and tries to pull her back, but the Aisha just carries on trying to get out. Eventually, Occie relents and the Aisha stumbles, hurriedly, into the night.

At once the rain engulfs her, pulling at her clouded fur and tearing at her feet. She slips, and her legs slide into the torrents of water that are all over Neopia. She dives into the flood, and swims with all of her might. Her eyes are focused on the screaming Jubjub, who seems to be losing hold of the tree every second. The Aisha is pulled under by the current. She rises up again, and swims on. As she gets to the copse, she grabs the Jubjub, and slowly, her world dissolves. It is as she loses conciseness that she sees the dim figures of a doctor, Occie and several members of the Chia police close around her...

Black Black Black Black Black Black Black Black Black Black Black Black Black Black Black Black Black Black Black Black Black Black Black Black Black Black Black Black Black Black Black Black Black Black Black. White.

The Aisha wakes up in a hospital bed. It has been several weeks since she managed to save the drowning baby jubjub. Now the Jubjub, her mother, Occie, Forrie, a Chia police member, and another person she doesn't recognise, are standing around her bedside.

"She's alive!"


Every one of these strange people exclaim over her. She sits up groggily and looks around. Occie swoops over to her and hugs her tight, the mother thanks her and Forrie presents a painting of her, with a baby Jubjub. The strange man that she doesn't know comes over to her, and the doctor motions everyone else to get out.

"In your own words, tell me exactly what happened. "

The Aisha looked nervous.

"Don't worry. This is for the Pet Spotlight. "

The Aisha tells it from the beginning to the end, not omitting one tiny bit. The man nods sagely and takes the pad of paper from his lap. He leaves, and another man comes in, blonde and smelling faintly of asparagus.

"So this is the young Neopet who saved the Jubjub's life?"

The Aisha nodded nervously.

All the man did was pin a medal to the Aisha's bed and shake her paw. She slept again.

In another two weeks, the storm stopped. No-one ever found out the cause, but it was rumored to be a plan of Sloth's. A neomail came through, and with it came wonderful news. The Aisha had won the pet spotlight!

Now, you probably have wondered why the Aisha was never named. Well, I shall fill in that gap now. Her name is Graeymalkin, and she has just won the pet spotlight!

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