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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: 42156Kau
Owner: crazygurl01464
Breed: Kau

About 42156Kau:

One cold night, 42156Kau was walking home after missing her boat home from the Mystery Island harbor and having to take the next one. The only thing to comfort her was the fun she'd had and the Blue Grass Skirt she'd bought. She reviewed the day in her head from start to finish.

42156Kau got up early to catch the first boat to Mystery Island. She'd been saving up her allowance for three months to go on this trip. By 10:00, she was standing on the beach. The hot soft sand surrounded her feet, warming them immedietly. A trumpet blew and she sprung into action. The first game of Mynci Beach Volleyball had begun! She just had to find a seat.

Her throat hurt badly after cheering so much, so she got a soothing drink at Tropical Foods. As she was finishing her last sip, she heard the bell for the Tiki Tours. Excitedly, she ran to catch it. The fifty neopoints went into the hand of the money collector so fast that he almost dropped it. She annoyed an old usuki as she pointed out everything she could see.

She bought a Shrimptail with Kelp Sauce and waited at the Harbour for her brother, Davidlittleboy. He had a training course that afternoon and she was going to watch some. Afterward, he would go home and she would get to stay.

The training course wasnt too interesting at the start, but when she saw how great his endurance was, she couldn't help but admire. He could catch a Flightning Bug, break a brick, and he could beat everybody in his class. She was in awe.

She only had an hour left before she would have to go home. She browsed the Rock Pool. The Phnard was really scary, the Leeble was georgous, and the Baby Blu was so cute. But she already had Bill, her Bilguss, to take care of. Bill was at home today, though. She didn't want him to get lost. She told him he could come when he was older.

She looked in Tiki Tack, where she bought her Blue Grass Skirt. She looked around the Island Market. She hiked up Techo Mtn. The she heard a whistle. It was her boat! She ran as fast as she could. She felt like the wind, she was going so fast! Unfortunitly, she missed it. She had to wait around for the next boat.

When she was at the dock running for the next boat she tripped and fell. On the way home to Neopia Central the boat had stalled and another boat had pull it there. By the time she got to Neopia Central, it was dark and she lost her way. It was then that she stumbled into Dr. Sloth.

She stumbled over a small shrub. She heard cackling above her. When she got up, she was staring into nothing but the black cape of Dr. Sloth. She imagined the way he'd mutated some of the grundos and she shivered.

"Now look what I've found. A pretty little brown Kau. Roast beef has always been one of my favorites. " His laughter rang clear and mean through the quiet night sky.

She hung her head, not able to say a word. She saw a flash of light. Was it a laser beam that Dr. Sloth planned to butcher her with. She couldn't help but look. No, it wasn't a laser beam. It was the Space Faerie herself!

Dr. Sloth turned around and looked the beautiful faerie straight in the eye. He boomed an evil laugh. "You can't conquer me. And I think I'd like to see you-"

Before he could finish his sentence, the Space Faerie singed his rear end. A yelp burnt through the dark sky like a lazer beam through flesh. "You'd like to see me what? Was try the word?"

"You may have gotten me this time, but never again you will!" Dr. Sloth exclaimed harshly and pained as he disappeared into the night sky.

"You should be more careful and you shouldn't be out this late at night. All young kaus need to be in bed at this hour. " the Space Faerie said gently to the frightened kau.

"I missed my boat at Mystery Island and I got lost. Thank you so much for saving me. He said he was going to make me into a pot roast!" the kau hurridly explained.
She chuckled softly and replied, "I'll help you home. And that's why I'm here- me and all the other faeries- to help Neopia".

So together they walked home and 42156Kau told her sisters and her brothers all about it. :)

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