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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Quiggler4268
Owner: nut862
Breed: Quiggle

About Quiggler4268:

Hi, everybody! I'm Quiggler4268, but just call me Quiggler! I am a Rainbow Quiggle, in case you couldn't tell, and I am one of the happiest Quiggles ever to cross the lands of Neopia! Really, I am just happy, happy, happy, happy almost all the time! I'm sure you noticed my big grin! I am just about always grinning, especially since I'm so happy that I won the Pet Spotlight today! Hooray!

Why am I so happy? I don't really know. I was born with some sort of super happy gene in me, which enables me to be HAPPY no matter what! (Well, almost no matter what; I have a weakness for slime, but I'll discuss that later. ) Most pets have a mood range that starts at Depressed and goes up to Delighted, right? Well, I have a mood range that starts at Happy! Seriously, I do! I never go below Happy (except around slime, but again, I'll discuss that later). Even when something happens that would cause sadness or anger in most other pets, I'm still happy. I'm good at looking on the bright side of things. I am happy when it's sunny and when it's raining, and I'm happy whether we're rich or poor. I was even happy while I was sick with Cricky Neck a long while back, because, unpleasant as it was, I was happy to have to put up with it! That might make no sense at all, but it's true! I am happy even when bad things happen!

How is it that I'm able to stay happy through all these hard times? It could be because of my grin! As I said before, I am almost always grinning! And have you ever tried to be unhappy while you have a giant grin on your face? I haven't, because I never wanted to try to be unhappy, but if I did, I think it would be impossible! You just can't help being happy when your mouth is in a huge grin! By the way, you might have noticed by now that I like using exclamation points! Well, this is just another example of how happy I am!

I used to think that all Quiggles were as happy as I am, because it seemed so completely natural to me. I was surprised when I found out that very few are as happy as me. I have come to recognize this super happiness as my special talent, so to speak. My happy talent doesn't just benefit me, either. The pets who see me tend to get happy, too! Just look at my gigantic grin! Aren't you happy now? I hope so, because not only do I love to be happy, myself, but I also love making others happy! I hardly ever fail to turn a pet's frown into a smile. Even the saddest grey pet would surely turn up the corners of his mouth if he were to see me! Our NeoHome is usually full of happiness because I live there, and I am in charge of keeping my owner and three siblings happy!

Now, what else is there to say about me other than I'm super-duper happy? Well, I am Rainbow, which makes me even happier! I wanted to be Rainbow for a long time, because all the other colors were so wonderful that I couldn't decide which one was best (although my owner made me be green), so I thought that if I were all of the colors, then I wouldn't have to choose! So now I'm even happier! Yay!

Oh, now would be a good time to explain what I meant about slime earlier. See, there is one thing in the world that I am not, and never will be, happy about. That thing is slime. Just like I was born with a super happy gene, I was born with an aversion to slime. My owner didn't know about it, though, until she bought a Slorg for my sister. It was a very unfortunate purchase for me, I assure you, and that Slorg has tormented me ever since. I dislike slime immensely. I can't stand the way it feels, the way it looks, or the way it exists. It's a wonder that I am able to live in the same house with that Slorg. It's not easy, but I somehow manage to do it. You might wonder, then, why I have a Slugawoo for a Petpet. Well, he's different. He's not really slimy, since he swims around in the water all day long. I don't mind him, and like just about everything else, he makes me happy!

Now, after writing all of this, I feel even happier! So, for today, goodbye Neopia! I hope you enjoyed my Pet Spotlight! I certainly feel happy about it!

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