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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Aaron_7_
Owner: ac_girl_7
Breed: Lupe

About Aaron_7_:

I walked out the door of our small neohome. It was a nice sunny day, a little bit windy, but still a very nice day. My brown hair flew up as a strong gust of wind blew. As I tried to fix my hair I heard Aaron, my lupes, voice ring out, "Step up ladies and gentlemen for my noble feat!" Uh oh, whats he up to this time? I wondered.

I walked around to the back of the house. I saw a small crowd of neopets sitting in the middle of the back lawn. Spotting my three neopets I wondered what was going on. I walked over to Kyiesty, my maroon colored gelert,"Whats going on?" I asked.

"Aaron's doing a show!" She yipped out, obviously she was excited.

"Eh....ok? What kind of show would this be?" I asked wondering what Aaron was up to now.

"Well, you'll just have to watch!" she said, then pranced away to join her friends.

I scanned the crowd of neopets in the backyard. I knew a few of them, but most I didnt know. They seemed to be waiting for something, for what I did not know. Then out of the crowd I spotted Thiliana, a pretty lupess that Aaron likes. She was sitting next to Kyiesty listening to her gab. I decided to watch whatever show Aaron was doing.

I went to the very back of the crowd and sat down on the grass. Being careful not to sit in any dirt with my new jeans on. A voice bellowed again and the crowd grew silent.

"Today! You will witness a neopet like none-other! Daring, outgoing, and brave! I, Aaron, shall fly this day! And all you here shall be my witnesses! Fly? You may say, no big deal! Well I am a lupe! And lupes cannont fly, that is until today! And I am no Fearie Lupe either! I shall fly using my own potion I, myself, made!", Aaron said with great enthusiasm. He was very good at working the crowd up. The crowd looked at him interestingly, obviously excited. I looked around for Aaron, but couldnt find him.

Then he stepped forth, on top of the roof! My first instinct was to jump up and tell him to get down from there, but I restrained myself, I too was curious of his flying act to stop him. Aaron's golden fur swayed in the wind. I couldnt see his hazel eyes from here but i knew that they were sparkling with delite. Then I noticed the cape. Yes a bright red cape was tied to his neck, and blew behind him. He looked like some super hero lupe!

A slight murmor rose from the crowd. As neopets in disbelief whispered to each other. Aaron took a few steps back, paused for a few moments, then took off at full speed towards the edge of the roof! I closed my eyes as he neared the edge, I couldnt help it! Then I heard a gasp from the crowd, my eyes flew open and I saw Aaron, he seemed to be gliding to the ground with his cape streaming behind him. Then a stunning smile came to his face, and in seconds formed to a stunned face. He wasnt gliding, he was falling! What was he thinking?! I thought. With a big thud Aaron landed.

The crowd just sat there silenced. I rushed over to Aaron frantically. A few neopets followed me, of course Aarons sisters, but Thiliana came too.

"Aaron! What were you thinking?!" I said checking him all over to see if he was hurt. As I touched his right back leg he let out a yelp of pain. Oh no... I checked it again, and came to the was broken. "Your legs broken Aaron! Lets get you to Healing Springs and see what she can do...." I said feeling sorry for him, yet thinking he deserved that for his stupidity.

"Ok...," he said with a small grin on his face.

I told Thiliana and my other three noepets to go inside and get everybody home, and that I'd be back.

I hurried Aaron over to the Springs, and watched as the Water Fearie regained him to full health. He still had that cape on even... I was still aggrivated with him, and he knew that, so he didnt say much. As we walked home I finally said, "Aaron, what on Earth did you do that for?" I asked him. What he said next, even though I was mad, made me laugh out loud.

"Well.... the chicks dig it!" after I stopped laughing he continued, "I figured all the girls would admire me for doing something like that. I went to some shops and used my allowence to buy some potions, and came up with one that would temporarily make me fly."

"Why temporarily?" I questioned him.

"So if I did get hurt the gals would feel sorry for me!" Aaron said innocently, again I could not hold back a chuckle. "Pain hurts, but only for a minute, so I figured it'd be worth it."

"Well was it worth it?"

"Yes! Thiliana came over to check if I was alright! So of course it was worth it!" Aaron grinned as he said this and his big eyes sparkled.

"Well, no more of that. There are lots of different ways to get Thiliana to like you besides hurting yourself!" I told Aaron.

Aaron agreed and we went home and had dinner. The four of them talked about this stunt for weeks. Every once and a while one of them says something about it.

I still chuckle whenever I think of this incident. So life is short so go on and live it, 'cause the chicks dig it, as Aaron would say!

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