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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: my_name_is_dash
Owner: yo_bub
Breed: Lupe

About my_name_is_dash:

It was a hot day and mum sugested that we go to Mystery Island for lunch on the beach, Nat and I were happy so we caught a boat there and as soon as we had set up the picnic we sat down to eat.

I had my favorate Sausage Omelette and so i ate it pretty quickly, after I had finished I decided that I'd go explore the beach.

I found a few shells and a blue chia who ran away but nothing worth howling happily about, on the way back to Nat and Mum I spotted a small boat, like the one we used to get to Mystery island but it was older and there was someone standing in it. I smiled and walked up to the neopet standing in the boat "ello" I barked my tail wagging, I loved boats, I jumped up so I was on my hind legs and placed my front paws on the side of the boat watching the neopet closely.

Suddenly the neopet jumped forward and scooped me up, putting his hand over my mouth so I couldn't howl for my mum as he pulled me into the small boat and tying me up so I could not run away.

After he put the gag in my mouth (a tasty sock) then he threw a peice of parchment onto the shore before he picked up the two paddles and started paddling away from the beach.

I sat there watching the neopet as he paddled quickly more faster than I thought anyone could and soon we had reached a new beach, it was more darker here and it smelled of fish.

The neopet climbed out of the boat and walked off while I sat in the back of the boat my grey eyes darting around, I hope he'd come back, I dont like the dark.

Minutes passed before the neopet apeared again, smiling evily he picked me up and carried me to a place called The Golden Dubloon, if I wasn't gaged I would have wowed and ooohed but I was so I sat silently as the neopet carried me over to a group of other neopets sitting in the corner of the musty place.

I was dumped on the floor before the neopet sat down with his friends, well at least I thought they were.

"It wont be long till his family find the note and brings us all their neopoints and dubloons for this little runt" said the neopet that had captured me, he was using me to get money, I knew mum didn't have much np and she would never be able to meet the price they wanted for me so I decided it was gonna have to be me that saved myself. . .

While the neopets were laughing and drinking down mugs of nasty smelling stuff I wriggled till one of my paws came free, quickly I pulled the tasty sock out of my mouth I started to chew though the roped that were holding me, they tasted like old fish, ewww.

After I had chewed myself free I crawled away from the men, they didn't even realise I was free, not very good lupenappers. I made it to the door and pushed it open before crawling outside, was it just me or was it darker than before?

I looked around before I started walking again, I had to find someone nice that would take me back home, I bet my mum had already found the note and was trying to get enough np to save me, yup that sounds like my mum.

"What do we have here? a little puppy away from his mummy?" said a deep voice in a baby way, I turned to see a tall Krawk standing in front of my looking down, casting a shadow over me small figure.

"h-hello" i stuttered, I wasn't sure if he was mean like the other neopets or was nice, like my mum and Nat. The Krawk smiled and bent down and scratched behind my right ear, oh how did he know that was my weak spot?

"So little one why are you at Krawk Island all by yourself?" he asked in his deep voice, "oh well thats easy, I was lupenapped and I just got away so now I'm trying to find my way back hom- did you say Krawn Island?" wow I had heard of this place, I've alway wanted to come here but mum said it was to dangerous and I was to young, but I was finaly here but I had to agree with my mum. . .

The Krawk grinned "so you've heard of this island then, smart little pup arn't you?" he said giving me a pat on the head before standing up, his face showing that he was thinking deeply. "How would you like to help me" he asked finally after minutes of silence.

I barked my tail wagging once more as I ran around the Krawk in joy, then I stopped "but then can you take me back to my mum?" I ask with sad eyes, I missed my mum. The Krawk nodded "but first you must meet my crew" the Krawk waved his hand for me to follow him before he turned and quickly walked off.

Finally I caught up with the Krawk who had wandered into a large bushed area and there I found him, surrowned by pirates, "ah there you are" said the Krawk with a toothy grin before he turned back to the pirates "now this is Scully the Aisha, Tristan the Techo, Bitts the Shoyru, Kevin the Lupe and last but not least Bob the Chia. " he said pointing to each as he said their names.

"And I'm GreenEye the Krawk what may we call you?" asked GreenEye as he and his crew turned to face me, "I'm Dash the lupe" I said proudly poking out my chest. "Right then my mates lets go and kick some tails!!!"

Soon we apeared in front of a small opening to a dark cave "ooohhh" I said in aware as we entered the cave, GreenEye lit up a torch and looked around, "good they are not here yet, we are in time" "quick captain they have arived" said Bob the chia pearing out of the cave.

GreenEye turned to me "quickly hide, and here is a sword if you must use it" he said before disapearing behind a rock along with his crew mates. I looked around and spotted another rock and quickly jumped behind it as I heard voices aproching the cave.

"Quickly before anyone sees us" said a deep voice in a whisper though in my words loud, maybe it was just my good hearing. I peared out from behind my hidding spot and saw five neopets pulling chests of something very heavy into the cave.

I saw GreenEye and his mates slowly come out from there hidding places and silently pounce on the new comers. Not wanting to be left out I jumped out and smacked into something solid, slowly I looked up and saw a Pirate Jetsam staring down at me, now I was in trouble.

My lip curled back as i bared my sharp K9's at him, showing him I was not afraid even if I was only a baby lupe. I snarled at him, he was just standing there smirking at me then before I could do anything he pulled out a sword and pointed it at me, now this would have been ok if I knew how to use a sword.

I had paws not fingers so therefor I could not hold the sword and if I put it in my mouth I would have limited movements, then I remember I'd laft the sword behind the rock anway.

"You should be at home napping little runt" said the Jetsam his eyes flashing evilly "with your mummy and daddy" I growled then jumped forward, I dont know what he said but it angered me greatly. Before he knew what was happening I had bitten the sword out of his has and held it to him so he could not get away. I looked down at him as I stood in his chest.

Snarling I made sure he wasn't going anywhere to soon, "hey look guy Dash has caught the smuggler king" said Greeneye as he came over to me, I glanced at the other and they were cheering and some where tying up the rest of the smugglers.

"Oh Dash" my mum pulled me into a bone crushing hug "oh my little cub" oh no help "oh I'm so glad you safe" yeah she is now wait till later I'll be grounded for the rest of my life.

"thank you sir for returning my Baby un-harmed" said Mum to GreenEye who had taken me home on his PIRATE SHIP, "the pleasure was all mine" he said sending me a wink before turned to leave our house.

GreenEye stopped and turned back to me "here is something for all that you did for us" GreenEye held out a small box before he left with his crew who were still cheering, all carrying bags of neopoint, gold and dubloons for the capture of the smugglers.

After mum had fed me we all sat down on the couch in out loung room "open it Dash" said my sister Nat giving me a poke with her paw. I pulled it open and looked inside, it was a blue puppy, sleeping in the bottom of the box.

I smiled up at mum and nat then picked up the sleeping petpet who opened its eyes slightly, yawning as I sat it on the floor "what are you going to call it Dash?" asked my sister Nat, "I think I'll call her Violet"

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