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Pet Spotlight

Submit your pet to the Pet Spotlight!

- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Pet Name: Ejar84150
Owner: rach84150
Breed: Eyrie

About Ejar84150:

Hi I'm Ejar. Please don't look at the photo of me. It was part of my Pet Spotlight act, its rather embarrassing. Well I suppose you want to know a little bit about me. Well I started life as a red Eyrie young and innocent. I stayed that way for a while until my owner agreed to paint me a colour. Well I was overwhelmed at first but with all the choices I could choose I was spoiled. I wanted to be something hip and cool like my idol - Branston The Eyrie. Yes he's my main idol. I would spend all day dancing and singing to the latest funky tunes. Buying his medallions (but the fake ones). That's when it came to me. Why not disco? Well in the end I was painted disco. I was such a Groover...and to be honest that paint brush was a real life saver.

It was a cold winters day and I was on holiday at Mystery Island with my owner. Eyrie day was fastly approaching and I had to think of something amazing for my act. In the end I went to the training school to maybe boost my level or something. I was just about to enter when my foot felt something hard and metal beneath the dried leaves and moss. I bent down and brushed away the branches and dry plants to discover nothing but a trapdoor. Looking around I slowly lifted it up. It revealed a short and dark set of stone steps leading down beneath the Island. Being a intrigued eyrie I set off down the steps shutting the door above me. I reached the bottom of the stone steps and entered what looked like a large chamber. It was full of metal cages each with a plaque above it. I looked at one. It read ' lab_rat_01'. In the cage was a sobbing pink grarrl. I was horrified. Suddenly I heard the familiar voice of someone. I couldn't quite make it out but I could hear "I've had parties at my NeoHome with over 1000 Branston loving Neopians. And I've never missed one...they're going to be so disappointed."

I knew that voice. I peered was Branston. He didn't look as glam as he usually did though. His medallion was dusty and clearly hadn't been polished in ages. Then it struck me I knew where we were, it was the secret laboratory. The door at the end of the chamber flew open. I jumped behind the nearest cage but wasn't quick enough. A mad looking yellow scorchio dived in front of me and grabbed me. I was shoved into one of the cages and then the mad cackle came again. The mad scientist scorchio peered at Ejar through his safety glasses. "You'll never escape the lab ray" he cackled once again and left the chamber.

It was really silent now he could still here the sobbing of the grarrl opposite him. All he could do was wait, he tried to escape but the lock was very secure and unbreakable. I stayed awake for ages but finally dropped off into an endless sleep.

I awoke in what seemed like a late night he peered at a grubby old calendar on the wall. It had loads of ticks and crosses over the days that had been and gone. It was the 9th today, day of the Pet spotlight Contest. Panic struck me, as I really needed to enter this spotlight. My owner had been waiting for today for ages, to make me a star. I could not let this creepy scientist scare me. I peered around and saw he was opening my Branstons cage. I could not let him zap Branston with the lab ray. I let out a huge squawk that sent the scientists goggles flying he looked at me. The sight of my brightly coloured skin sort of burnt his eyes. He jumped back from Branstons cage sending it flying open. Branston emergered he ran to my cage and then the pink grarrls and set us free. Up the stairs we ran and out into the open.

I started flying away quickly I had to get home to prepare for the Contest. I was stopped by Branstons voice shouting at me.

"Hey! Where are you going I have to thank you."

"I've got to hurry home. The pet spotlight starts really soon" I replied.

The eyrie let out a laugh and muttered something in my ear.

We flew off in direction of the pet spotlight hall.

A few hours later.

"Well we have one more contestant it's a double act" the host said loudly.

The red curtains drew back ever so slowly. The lights went off and there were two small spotlights in the middle of the stage. Music blared Branstons new song and I entered the centre stage. I started dancing. My gold medallion hung on my neck. I faced my side Branston was dancing with me. What a team. The crowd applauded ever so loudly as we wiped the dance floor with out groovy moves and dance steps. I gleamed with joy and then I was joined by my Petpet to finish off the song. I twisted , twirled. Jumped, bounced and spun on the spot. The song then came to an end. The crowd applauded more then ever.

I thought it was for Branston but then I realised he was gone. They were cheering for me. I bowed and muttered my last words "Neopoints and good looks aren't everything but fortunately they're all I've got..."

I left the stage smirking. Just hoping that I might actually have a chance to win pet Spotlight...

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